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13 Beauty Products That Keep Selling Out at Sephora (so Get Them While You Can)

Beauty junkies love them so much, Sephora can't stock them fast enough.
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With products as far as the eye can see (or mouse can scroll), there's -- obvi -- no shortage of options to shop from at Sephora. But amidst all of this beauty bounty, there are a handful of standouts that continuously sell out. We're talking items that are gone almost as soon as they hit store shelves or the website, the favorites that Sephora shoppers just can't get enough of. Case in point: The 13 best-sellers featured here consistently sell out within 10 hours anytime they're restocked online.

There's any number of reasons these makeup, skin care, hair care, and fragrance finds are selling like hotcakes. For starters, they all have a three and half to five-star rating on, pointing to a loyal fan base that's clearly satisfied with their purchase, and motivates other people to get in on the action. People are also buying these products at least two at a time (hey, a girl's got to stock-up), contributing to a faster sell-out.

So how can you get your hands on these bad boys? Sign up for Sephora's Beauty Insider Rewards Program; members get an early heads up when sold-out products are back in stock. And these days even larger Sephora locations tend to receive a smaller inventory of product, with the majority reserved for e-commerce, so shopping online is your best bet. If something is sold out, check back frequently, since restocking usually happens every three to four weeks. Read on to learn more about each of these 13 crazy coveted products (listed in no particular order, FYI), and get ready to snatch them up, ASAP.

When this newbie launched in May, it generated more sales at Sephora in its first week than any other Kate Somerville product, ever, and has been selling out since. Credit the fact that it actually makes it attainable and easy to reapply sunscreen every two hours. The lightweight SPF spritz won't mess up your makeup, plus, it "dries instantly" and "blurs every pore," per the pleased Sephora reviewers.

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All the products from this Parisian brand sell especially well at Sephora and this game-changing shampoo is no exception, probably since straight, wavy and curly-haired girls can all use it. Per the name, it starts as a clay-like paste, but quickly transforms into an airy foam, leaving even the finest of strands with sky-high volume.

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When makeup trends like contouring and strobing grow in popularity, so do the sales of the products that can help you achieve those looks. With six subtle shades that can be used for both highlighting and contouring, this multi-tasking palette capitalizes on two of the most major trends to date. Plus, it touts cream and powder formulas, and can be used on face and body, making it the last highlighting and/or contouring product you'll ever need to buy.

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You'd think because fragrance is such a personal choice, there wouldn't be one that basically everyone and their mother wants to buy. Guess again. This blend of citrusy, spicy and tropical notes (think bergamot, pink pepper and coconut) draws major fans...we're talking 20,000 "loves" and 528 reviews on

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