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Tricep dips
Jolene Matthews, celebrity personal trainer for "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" says this move is the No. 1 way to tone arms and shoulders. Since the triceps are such small muscles, you'll fatigue them fast -- and those pretty, little tank top arms will start to emerge.

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Calf and toe raises
This move comes from Heidi Mills, a sports rehabilitator and personal trainer in Norwich, England. It's an easy way to tone your calf muscles without missing any plot points in your show.

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Arm extensions
Donna Hawley, a personal trainer and personal chef in Washington D.C., says this move works all the muscles in your shoulders and is one of the best for getting immediate results.

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Pillow rotations
Jenn Zerling, author of "Breaking the Chains of Obesity," loves this highly effective move because it's a core exercise that'll strengthen more than just your abs.

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Banana/apple crunches
Julie Carlson Howard, Fitness Director for MCAS Miramar in San Diego, Calif. recommends this move for a tough ab workout that's pretty fun too.

"Lazy" might not be a word I would like to use to describe myself, but frankly, it's pretty accurate. I'd rather nap than run and will always choose to hit happy hour instead of hatha yoga.

But despite my complete aversion to working out, I am aware I need some sort of exercise program if I want to live a non-bedridden life. Enter: this couch workout (or couch-ercising, as I like to call it).

Click here to see the workout you can do completely while sitting on your couch.

Yes, it is actually entirely possible to get a decent workout without ever leaving that indented spot on your couch where you always plop. I asked personal trainers, pilates instructors, and physical therapists for exercise routines that not only can be done at home, but can be done with your butt firmly planted on a sofa (well, for most of the moves at least).

So, if you're like lazy ol' me, keep clicking for a ton of moves that will change your body, one episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" at a time
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