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Best Haircuts for Round Faces
When it comes to haircut ideas for round faces, Pelusi says the No. 1 thing you need to look for is a hairstyle that will straighten the roundness of the cheeks. "Executing a more square haircut softens the round fullness of the face," Pelusi says. "You do not want to add more roundness." When Pelusi says a "square cut," he's referring to a blunt, A-line cut (aka a longer face-framing bob with little to no layers).

But just because blunt haircuts look fly, that doesn't mean hairstyles for round faces can't have layers. In fact, Pelusi says full-faced ladies rock shag haircuts best (oh yeah, baby), because the many layers help to distract from the fullness of the face. Not digging the shag? Just add a few waves. When styling, soft curls or beach waves accentuate your layers while softening the fullness of the face.

There is one haircut to avoid, however. "Stay away from a bob that lands directly on the chin or somewhere in the middle of your cheeks," Pelusi says. "This style is very undesirable for round-faced women because you are accentuating the roundest portions of the face." Duly noted.

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Haircut Ideas for Round Faces: Long Bob
The vocal queen already slays, but here Adele proves a medium-length lob haircut is an absolutely stunning hairstyle for round faces.

Image via Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty

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Haircuts for Round Faces: Shag
Shags are pretty much the "It-Girl" hairstyle right now, and lucky for the round-faced ladies, it's one of their best looks, according to Pelusi. The many layers of Michelle Williams' shoulder-length shag haircut distract from the roundness of the face by adding natural movement in the hair. Plus, the haircut looks edgy and chic as hell.

Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

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Haircuts for Round Faces: Short Pixie
Let's shoot down this common hairstyle myth right now. Just because you have a round face doesn't mean you have to hide it with a long, face-framing cut. Layered pixie haircuts are equally as gorgeous as they are flattering to round faces. Case in point: Ginnifer Goodwin's super short haircut.

Image via Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty

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Haircuts for Round Faces: Long Waves
Long wavy hair, parted down the middle, helps add length to a round face. We love the Beachwaver S1.25 for effortless, loose curls. Could Kate's hairstyle be any more perfect?

Image via Paul Zimmerman/WireImage/Getty

There's no shortage of haircut ideas on the internet. Every week, another cool-girl celeb sports a game-changing new hairstyle on Instagram. But the haircut that works for J. Law might not look quite as cute on you — and that's OK, so long as you hold no illusions about it. Of course, finding the best haircut for your face shape is easier said than done — and it's a process that takes a few painful missteps before getting it right.

Whether you're still getting over the emotional scarring of your terrible high school hair days (oh hey, bowl cut), or simply have yet to find a haircut that flatters your face shape, the search for the ideal haircut is hard. It requires attention to detail and knowledge of angles — things best left to a professional. And while we're grateful for the haircut inspiration that floods our Pinterest boards, scrolling through haircuts for round faces, oval, square, etc. can go on forever.

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That's where hairstylist extraordinaire, Marco Pelusi comes in. Celebrity clients like George Clooney and Jennifer O'Dell put their trust in Pelusi's hands (literally), as he transforms their hair into beautifully fitted frames for their various face shapes. When deciding how to approach a client's hairstyle, Pelusi offers this insight: "Face shape, body shape, facial features and jawline — to name a few — are all important factors when deciding what type of haircut is going to look best on a client," he says. "It's important that your stylist enhances your positive features and softens the traditionally 'negative' ones" (aka round cheeks, small chin, etc.).

And while you'd think everyone would be walking around with angular haircuts to emphasize features like cheekbones and jawlines, Pelusi says when it comes to face shapes there are definite rules. "Some face shapes are easier to work with than others," he confesses. "But every face shape is beautiful in its own way, when catered to properly [with the right haircut]. It's all about how you frame the face."

So what is the best haircut for your face shape? Find all the coolest hairstyles ideas that will flatter your face, and discover the haircut of your dreams.

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