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We Tried It: A Sunscreen That Will Make You Miss Mousse

And could potentially save your life
Most people wouldn't guess it because of my darker skin tone (I've been blessed with a natural tan), but I'm a sunscreen hoarder. As an Angeleno, I'm all about perfect 70-degree weather and sunglasses, but the power of the sun scares me. Invites to go "lay out" on the beach give me a near panic attack, which is why I'm the proud owner of a sunscreen collection. The majority of it is made up of sprays -- cooling mist, minimal rubbing -- and they seemed perfect ... until I started violently slipping on the wood floors and bathroom tile in my apartment. I was narrowly avoiding head injuries at least twice a day. So when I saw Vichy's Capital Soleil SPF 50 Lightweight Foaming Lotion, I snatched it.

This stuff is, in a word, awesome. It has all the pros of my spray sunscreens without the hazardous slippery floor problem, not to mention it's fun to dispense. The product comes out in a lovely, lightweight foam that I can apply directly onto my legs and arms (versus shellacking the floor). With a quick swipe, it absorbs into the skin almost instantly, and although there is some rubbing involved, I feel like I'm getting much more even coverage than I do with a spray. Plus, the foam leaves my body super moisturized (not sticky or greasy), and it's SPF 50, which puts my sun-paranoid mind at ease.

My only criticism: The scent is a little stronger and muskier than I'd like ... but I'll take it over almost breaking my neck with a spray-on sunscreen.


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