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We Tried It: Goody Tanglefix

This little brush doesn't look like much, but if you're always tangled up (or have a snarly-haired kid), it could change your life
Goody Tanglefix
I have terrifying childhood memories of my mom -- or worse, my dad -- brushing out my curly hair with a stiff, boar-bristle brush. No matter how many gallons of No More Tangles were poured over my head, the ordeal always ended in tears.

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The Goody Tanglefix brush brought back a lot of those bad memories at first glance -- just the word "tangle" makes me wince. And the design is pretty basic: a bunch of soft plastic bristles on a handle-less brush head. I had my doubts.

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But one morning after a shower, I grab the Tanglefix -- it's nice and ergonomic -- and start combing. It glides through my disheveled curls, no problem. I let my hair air-dry, and then rake the Tanglefix through my hair again -- not a smidge of resistance. I. Love. This. Brush.

And all I can think is: why, oh why, didn't the Goody Tanglefix brush exist back then? I envy the kids whose parents pick up this gentle bit of genius this summer, when it hits shelves. This simple brush is proof that, sometimes, it's the little, everyday solutions that make a huge difference. No, it's not going to take 10 years off of your face or 10 pounds off of your butt. But for people with wily, knotty hair, this no-frills brush (it's only 8 bucks!) can make all the difference.

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