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We Tried It: Does This 3-in-1 Hair/Body/Face Oil Promise Too Much?

We put this multi-tasking oil to the test
The first time I saw a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, I thought my epic beauty routine would get a wee bit less complicated. Then I tried one, and it left my hair dry and dull. Strike one and two for that lesson learned the hard way. Naturally, a product that promises 3-in-1 versatility -- in a body, face and hair oil -- got my attention. Or should I say ... suspicion.

But I'm an optimist. I really wanted to find a multi-purpose product to brag about -- something that actually delivered on all of its promises.

Kill the fatted calf ... I found it. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil is a triple threat for your hair, body and face. No secret, space-age technology here -- the spray-on combines avocado, olive and almond oils for a deep, moisturizing dry oil.

I tried it on my legs first for some much-needed t.l.c. after a day in the sun. After I sprayed on the oil and rubbed it into my skin, my legs glowed -- I could've been stunt let double for Jennifer Aniston! Ok ... maybe not, but my legs stayed totally moisturized for two days. I didn't even need to use lotion after shaving.

I use the oil on my skin most, but I have sprayed the ends of my hair to soften the dry ends. Be very conservative when spraying this oil in your hair -- too much and you're lubed up like a 50s greaser. Avoid spraying it near your roots or your scalp, which are naturally oily. Unless your hair is super-dry and can soak up a rich product like this without looking like four-day-old greasy bed head, stick to the ends, where hair tends to be driest and most damaged. I also recommend spraying it on your hands (not directly on your hair) and working it into your ends and wherever you need a little shine.

The same goes for applying it to your face. Like the directions say: spray it on your hands (one pump goes a long way) and use it sparingly. This is truly a dry oil -- it doesn't leave your skin greasy once it is rubbed in and it isn't heavy like other oils. Just go easy with it on your face if you're prone to oily skin. I rubbed a little bit in on my cheeks and forehead and it doesn't feel greasy at all -- just moisturizing.

At around $5 a bottle, this 3-in-1 oil is an absolute bargain when you consider the products you can skip, and a little goes a long way.


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