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10 Best Witch Hazel Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

It's time to introduce witch hazel to your skin care routine
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There's a reason why witch hazel is so popular — it's a natural botanical skin care ingredient that can do just about everything. It's a natural astringent that happens to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps control oil production for a more balanced — not to mention clearer — complexion. Heck, it even serves as a popular home remedy for sunburns (and even hemorrhoids).

Bottom line? We could all use a little extra witch hazel in our skin care routines. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite witch hazel skin care products, from makeup cleansing wipes, to refreshing facial sprays, to gentle-yet-refining toners!

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Remove makeup, excess oil, and dirt using this all-in-one face cleansing wipe. Thanks to the witch hazel in the formula, it's effective in deep cleansing the face, without overstripping the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is refreshing, gentle, and non-sticky.

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Formulated with charcoal (which attracts dirt like a magnet), tea tree oil (which protects the skin from bacteria) and witch hazel (which soothes your skin), this face wash helps keep your complexion super clean, soft and happy.

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This toner is great for restoring your skin's natural radiance. It rejuvenates your complexion, provides an antioxidant boost and removes impurities and dirt.

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Give your skin that healthy-looking glow with this cult-fave toner. It helps restore moisture to your skin while also controlling oil production. Additionally, the vitamin C helps fade blemishes and scars, and the witch hazel provides antioxidants for healthier skin.

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