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23 Runway-Inspired Ways to Tie a Scarf in Your Hair

Grab a patterned scarf and get inspired by these 23 gorgeous ways to tie a scarf in your hair.
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There are a million and one ways to tie a scarf around your neck — but why stop there? A scarf can take any look to the next level when wrapped around your wrist, bag and even hair.

A scarf is a versatile and colorful alternative to your usual hair elastic, especially in the summer. A scarf can be knotted around a ponytail or used as the finishing touch on a retro hairstyle. For shorter hair, a scarf makes the perfect headwrap — it can even keep your hair and scalp protected from the sun's damaging rays.

If you normally revert to tying a scarf into a headband a la Lauren Conrad on The Hills and are looking for new visual references, the runways deliver ample inspiration. Grab a patterned scarf and get inspired by these 23 creative ways to tie a scarf in your hair.

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Perfect Placement
Simply moving the bow of a scarf a few inches can create a fresh look. For example, try rotating a looped knot to the side of your head.

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Knot, Knot, Knot
This look takes all of 30 seconds to do and works with any hair length. Simply wrap a scarf around your ears and tie it in multiple knots at the top of your head. Don't worry about it being perfect. Let the ends go where they please.

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To the Side
Finishing a scarf in a bow is classic. The placement of the bow can completely change a look. For example, try sweeping locks back into a low ponytail and fastening a thick scarf behind one ear in a bow. Feeling bold? Coordinate your lipstick color with the scarf. This turquoise combination is daring, but red, orange and purple scarf-lip combos would be equally pretty.

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All Wrapped Up
Scarves aren't just about knots and bows. Sweep hair into a low ponytail, then wrap a scarf around the length of the pony beginning at the top. Leave part of the hair exposed at the end for a cool contrast.

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