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7 Vegan Dishes to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Gobble-gobble up these nutritious dishes!
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Tired of explaining your dietary restrictions to your family every year? Want to try some healthy, vegan dishes to spice up your Thanksgiving celebration? Then look no further than vegan cornbread stuffing, no-bake pumpkin pie, pumpkin sage risotto, cranberry quinoa salad, lentil loaf, green bean casserole and balsamic + pecan brussels sprouts. You'll feel totally satisfied... but not stuffed like a turkey!

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Vegan Cornbread Stuffing

What's a Thanksgiving feast without the MVP of side dishes, stuffing? Many traditional stuffing recipes use chicken broth and bread that contains milk and egg products, but with this homemade vegan cornbread stuffing, you can ditch the animal products and still get that rich comforting flavor we all love. Bonus: You can make the cornbread gluten-free. It will please all those with dietary restrictions — and your family who has no problem chowing down on the regular, glutinous version of the dish, will hardly notice the difference!

Image and recipe via Minimalist Baker

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Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn't love a slice of pumpkin pie after a big Thanksgiving meal? Well, admittedly the stuff's something of an acquired taste, but even for fans, often this classic dessert is filled with heavy cream, milk and eggs, which could potentially leave your stomach in knots! But fear (k)not, with this no-bake vegan gluten free pumpkin pie, you'll hardly miss those heavy eggs and dairy. The secret? Lots of nuts! If you're feeling ambitious, you can even make your own vegan coconut whipped cream and add a dollop on top. Yum!

Image and recipe via Minimalist Baker

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Pumpkin Sage Risotto

Okay, we know risotto isn't technically a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but if you want to get into technicality, most of us know the first Thanksgiving celebration didn't really go down how we were taught it did. So ditch that "traditional" attitude and try something new this Thanksgiving season! Linda and Alex (Veganosity recommend you have a high-powered blender to make the vegan cashew cream sauce, but otherwise this rich and creamy risotto should be a breeze to make! Show your family pumpkin can be used in so much more than pie, and impress them with your cooking skills!

Image and recipe via Veganosity

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Cranberry Quinoa Salad

For those who don't eat turkey, sometimes finding adequate protein amongst the carb and veggie dishes at a Thanksgiving meal can be a challenge. But with this protein-rich cranberry and quinoa salad with candied walnuts, even the meat eaters will want to go back for seconds (and thirds). Besides, it takes under 30 minutes to prepare. Perfect if you're in a pinch or running late.

Image and recipe via @peasandcrayons

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