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15 Vegan Hair Products to Perfect Your Tresses

Whether you're a fully committed vegan or simply cleaning up your lifestyle, here are 15 best vegan hair products that can replace your old formulas without compromise.
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It used to be that vegan products in the beauty space were very niche and trendy — and hard to find. For the products that advertised being vegan, the formulas seemed inferior to its general market counterparts and the results were often less than satisfactory. Today, veganism isn't just a fad. It's a lifestyle and people are dedicating not only their diets but their lives to eliminating chemicals and foreign ingredients and sticking with goods that come from nature itself.

Whether you're a fully committed vegan or simply cleaning up your lifestyle, these super-performing vegan hair products will replace your old formulas without compromise.

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Shampoo can be filled with tons of chemicals and harsh cleansing agents. If you're looking for a gentle yet nourishing formula, this formula filled with aloe and prickly pear cactus oil leaves hair light and revitalized.

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Like a green juice, this duo is chock-full of nutrients and vitamins that are sure to nourish your strands. It's great for all hair types and repairs and replenishes even the most stressed tresses.

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DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder, $28
A great pick for wavy and curly girls, this pre-shampoo step will help ease your shower routine. Its serum-like formula gives hair major slip so detangling is a breeze before you cleanse and condition.

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A healthy scalp is the first step to healthy locks. This ACV duo will not only cleanse your scalp, but rid it of product buildup, dirt, debris and dead skin cells so you can start your styling with a clean slate.

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