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I Got a Vampire Breast Lift and It Changed Everything

My boobs have never looked so good.
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When Kim Kardashian stunned the internet with her Vampire Facial back in 2013 (yup, it's really been that long), people were shocked that someone would undergo such an extreme treatment in the name of beauty. Nevertheless, as with all things Kardashian, it quickly became a trend and the vampire technique went mainstream.

Though many of us had never heard of a blood facial before Kim's infamous Instagram, the vampire technique is really just another name for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, which have been used in sports medicine since the '80s to regenerate tissue. PRP, while still being commonly used to revitalize facial features and rejuvenate injured athletes' muscles, is now even touted as an alternative to cosmetic breast implants. Enter the Vampire Breast Lift.

Eager to try this buzzy new treatment, I booked an appointment at VSPOT MediSpa for the non-invasive breast lift to see if they could work some cleavage magic. Read on to find out exactly what happened when I got the Vampire Breast Lift.

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What Is a PRP Treatment?
Before diving headfirst into the Vampire Breast Lift, let's take a minute to fill you in on all things PRP.

PRP treatments are the process of drawing blood, spinning it in a centrifuge to dislodge the platelets from the red and white blood cells and then re-injecting what many doctors consider to be liquid gold back into the targeted area.

Until this decade, PRP treatments were commonly used for rehabilitative purposes as a means for getting some of our favorite athletes back on their feet. It was seeing the rehabilitative, post-injury success that led Dr. Charles Runels to look into other potential areas of the body that could benefit from the treatments. As a result, he trademarked the Vampire Facial in 2011, which eventually led to other PRP treatments including, among others, the Vampire Breast Lift.

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The Vampire Breast Lift
The Vampire Breast Lift was born out of a professional relationship between Runels and VSPOT's own Dr. Carolyn DeLucia. Having trained under Runels, DeLucia internalized the effects of the Vampire Facial and began to think of other ways PRP could be integrated into cosmetic procedures. As a result, she saw an opportunity to improve the shape of the breasts and achieve breast augmentation without invasive surgery.

DeLucia explains the science behind the PRP treatment: "Stem cells that rest in the bone marrow and surrounding tissue of the injection site are recruited and activated by the blood-derived growth factors (the injected PRP) to migrate to the area to grow new healthier tissue. As a result, the new tissue looks smoother and displays a healthier color and shape."

According to DeLucia, the aim of the Vampire Breast Lift is to do what a well-made bra would do: provide lift and create cleavage. Good candidates for this procedure are women who are not looking to dramatically change the size of their breasts, rather to accentuate what they've got with the help of some well-placed PRP injections.

While I have pretty much come to terms with the size, shape and trajectory of my tas, I've always wished for better cleavage (while perky, my breasts have always been rather far-set). The idea of being able to round out and re-center my girls sans implants seemed too good to be true. So, I set a date in search of a confidence (and boob) boost, as well as my next big beauty adventure.

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The Process
Having gotten the signature O-Shot, a PRP treatment that injects platelets into your G-Spot and clitoris, just a few weeks prior for another story I was working on, the idea of getting poked in a fattier, less sensitive area of my body didn't really phase me. Shortly after arriving and filling out a waiver, I was taken to a treatment room where I was prepped for a blood draw.

Before drawing my blood, DeLucia asked what my goal was (to round out the upper portion of my side boob, while helping to achieve a perkier pair overall) and devised a plan to inject PRP into the sides of each breast and between them for an overall rounder effect and more defined cleavage.

First, DeLucia smeared a topical numbing cream all over my chest to desensitize the area. Next, she drew my blood in FDA-approved kits and spun it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP. She noted that, while all PRP treatments require a different amount of blood to prove effective, my Vampire Breast Lift would require 25 CC of PRP per breast. No biggie.

DeLucia first injected the sides of my breasts with PRP. For the cleavage area, she added some hyaluronic acid to the PRP to help create a fuller, lifted effect. This was the only area that hurt during the treatment. "The body re-absorbs the injected hyaluronic acid filler, if used, which acts as a scaffolding for the recruited stem cells and re-absorbs the platelet-rich fibrin matrix," DeLucia explained. In other words, it's the building block of the non-invasive augmentation of your dreams. Note that you can opt out of the hyaluronic acid filler if you prefer to use only your own fluids, however, it may affect the outcome.

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The Minutes, Hours and Days That Followed
Immediately after my first injection, I was mesmerized by how the sides of my breasts perked up. By the time I hopped off the table, my breasts not only looked perkier but felt heavier. As soon as I got home, I FaceTimed all my best friends and took special joy in their reactions to my new look. Seriously, the volume took me (and everyone I called) by surprise. I even put on my just-purchased 34C bra and the spillage doesn't lie.

Much to my surprise, I was told I could work out the next day. I experienced only mild soreness, similar to when I have my period. The only visible signs of my treatment were two small bruises at the site of the injections.

According to DeLucia, the new tissue takes about three months to fully develop, so my breasts could grow and re-shape even more in the next few months. As for how long it lasts, DeLucia says the tissue lasts as long as it takes to age, which could be years (or less if you experience extreme weight loss or other body shock).

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