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8 Must-Have Items a Frequent Traveler Swears By

From a barely-there face powder to the comfiest, most washable flats EVER
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Five years ago, when I was new to traveling, I would start packing at least a week in advance. And two years ago, when I decided to give up my New York City apartment, rented a storage unit and prepared travel for 12 months through 12 countries, I started packing nearly a full month before. Fast forward to 2019, and I'm a bonafide travel journalist who jet-sets at least twice a month over oceans or across the country — and I barely give second thought to what I'm bringing until the morning of my flight. It's not that I care less, but rather that I've learned how to streamline the process so it isn't quite so overwhelming.

After visiting more than 28 countries in the last 24 months, I can say a few things with complete conviction: If you forget something, you can (almost) always buy a new one. And: You shouldn't use travel-size just because it's under the ounce count. Instead of swapping in smaller products for conveniences' sake, it's more important than ever to stick to your routine when you're wanderlusting, since travel in general can wreck havoc on your pores (thanks to everything from shifts in climate to shifts in diet. And let's not forget that stale, stale, drying recycled air on your long-haul flights).

Here, my personal packing must-haves that I have tried and tested across six continents and many, many flight delays, terrain and altitude changes and other magical traveling blunders.

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Though my hormones have started to calm down in my 30s, I've dealt with consistent, constant breakouts ever since I was a teenager. Said breakouts have left scars in my t-zone area, so even when I'm pretty much clear, I still feel the need to wear makeup. That's why I love this powder: It's easy to apply quickly and it provides amazing coverage (yet still looks natural).

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Rothy's Cloud Grey Birdseye Pointed Toe Flat, $145
I'm definitely not a brand ambassador or an influencer — but if I was, I would shout from the rooftops about Rothy's. When friends ask me what I prefer to wear to the airport or while hopping around a new town by foot, I always recommended this San Francisco-based brand.

They have a collection of pointed and rounded toes, sneakers and loafers, all available in a wide variety of colors. I'm not much of a risk taker and stick to black and white footwear — but let me tell you: There is no going wrong with Rothy's. I still have my first pair, which have tackled cobblestone, sand, mountains and rain with ease.

Another thing that sets them apart? The fact that you can wash them! Just take out the insole, throw 'em in the washer and let 'em air dry. No more stinky flats here!

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Samsonite Advena 21' Expandable Wheeled Upright, $119.99
Though there are plenty of trendy luggage brands popping up, I still stay true-and-blue to the first company I ever flew with: Samsonite. It's a trusted household name for a reason: My carry-on has withstood the test of time and travel, and with very little wear-and-tear. I like this expandable upright version the best since it can become more compact for shorter trips, or provide more space for when I'm squeezing in far more than what I actually need for a longer trek.

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Since I'm a Virgo, I'm super-super picky about organization. Everything has to have its place, regardless if I'm at home or traveling — and this makeup organizer from Oliver Thomas works wonders. I like the top compartment that stores makeup brushes and smaller items, while the larger area has plenty of space for every last mascara, moisturizer, eyeshadow and lip balm.

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