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16 Totally Unexpected Spots to Sport a Tattoo

These statements will certainly stand out.
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While a perfectly positioned tattoo will look awesome no matter what, there are ways to make your newest ink stand out even more. Skip the traditional placement ideas and consider opting for a spot on your skin that is a bit more unexpected.

Whether you want yours to be easily concealed or prefer to keep it out on full display at all times, there are clever ways to incorporate a tattoo on your body in the chicest of ways. From off-centered additions on your back to intricate designs right on your ear, we guarantee you won't run into anyone else with the same exact setup as you.

If you're searching for new ways to show off your next design, let these tattoo placement ideas serve as all the inspiration you need to make your appointment.

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Over the Knee
Leg tattoos certainly aren't a new trend, but if you're not feeling the traditional approach, consider rocking an over-the-knee option. Whether it's peeking out from the top of your boots or you catch a slight glimpse of it when wearing a summery dress, it'll definitely doll up your legs in the cutest of ways.

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Ankle Bone Bonus
The ankle has always been a popular spot, but with all sorts of slip-on shoes becoming popular, getting inked right in this area is a great place to add even more style alongside a trendy shoe. A small-scale design right at the side of the bone itself will definitely take your shoe game to the next level.

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Collarbone Eye Candy
The thought of getting a tattoo right on a bone may not seem totally pleasant, but it'll certainly pay off in the end. A minimalist design placed either on or underneath the collarbone is bound to cause some double takes.

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Rib Cage Standout
Rib cage tattoos look awesome when being shown off in an outfit with just the right amount of skin exposed. While the side of the ribs is where we most often see them, we're totally obsessing over this front and center approach.

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