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16 Totally Unexpected Spots to Sport a Tattoo

These statements will certainly stand out.
Photo 12/17
Inner Finger
If the exposed side of the finger isn't your thing, consider using the opposite side for a more private approach. Adding an oh-so-tiny tattoo at the base of your finger will be a barely-there piece that, quite possibly, only you will know about.

Image via @wittybutton_tattoo

Photo 13/17
Show Legs Some Love
Symmetry often comes into play when deciding on tattoo placement, but that's not a rule that necessarily needs to be followed. Forget about perfectly centered options and try out something a bit more relaxed, like this random area right on the calf.

Image via @evantattoo

Photo 14/17
Shoulder Statement
The shoulder is a tattoo hotspot right now. With its soft, feminine nature, any style tattoo is bound to look charming. If you want yours a bit more on display, stick to the front of your shoulder to really make a stylish statement.

Image via @soltattoo

Photo 15/17
Wrist to Finger
Hand tattoos aren't for everyone, but if you're looking for a standout, try taking your design all the way from your wrist to your fingers. A simple flower that stretches the whole length will no doubt be a show stopper.

Image via @tattoobychang

Photo 16/17
Somewhere in Between
If you hate specific labels, this is the spot for you. Somewhere in between the ankle and the foot is the perfect place to add a tiny tat. We guarantee this surprising upgrade will leave you crossing your legs all the time in order to show it off.

Image via @evantattoo

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