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19 Amazing Tattoo Artists That Will Change Your Instagram Feed for the Better

Follow the best tattoo artists in the biz — you won't be sorry.
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If you're a tattoo aficionado of any type, chances are you've probably explored the wonderful world of tattoo artists' Instagram accounts. Their tattoo ideas are stunning, and Instagram happens to be a great way for them to showcase their artistry. Suffice it to say, it's easy to get sucked into some of the more mesmerizing accounts -- you can truly get lost for hours at a time.

Heck, even if you don't have any tattoos (or indeed, even any plans to ever get one), looking at the best tattoo artists' Instagram accounts is a sight to behold. After all, there are just so many great tattoo ideas out there, for every creed and sensibility -- whether you love hand-poked spacescape tattoos or miniscule watercolor flowers -- and it's all really, really fun to look at. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 19 amazing tattoo artists to follow immediately.

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If You Can't Get Enough Finely Detailed Micro Realism
Tattoo Artist to Follow: _dr_woo_

With a star-studded roster of clients (including everyone from the Khaleesi herself to Drake) and over a million followers on Instagram, it's only logical that _dr_woo_'s tattoos are completely next-level. He's known for his attention to detail, which is pretty darn staggering.

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If Watercolored Florals Are Your Jam
Tattoo Artist to Follow: georgiagreynyc

georgiagreynyc does a lot of things very well, but her watercolor tattoos might just be best of all -- they have such a distinctive style, and her use of color is breathtaking.

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If You Love Stick and Poke Designs with a Lot of Personality
Tattoo Artist to Follow: tealeigh

All of tealeigh's tattoos are hand-poked, and she's got a great aesthetic -- retro, romantic and unique.

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 If You Like Adorable Tiny Tattoos
Tattoo Artist to Follow: playground_tat2

Tiny, quirky, and more than a little bit adorable, playground_tat2's tattoos offers some pretty grade A inkspiration.

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