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9 Beauty Products You Should Snag From Target, Stat

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We're sure that everyone reading this has already been sucked into the trap that is Target. You know how it goes: You go in to pick up paper towels and a carton of eggs... and then somehow you end up with a whole new skin care routine. Which, to be fair, is kind of why we're obsessed in the first place: the Target beauty aisle is the ultimate mashup of well-loved drugstore brands, cool indie companies and even a few luxury options.

With all of these cool new skin care brands and products popping up, we basically had to try some of them out — you know, for the greater good of anyone reading this (definitely not as an excuse to go on a shopping spree or anything).

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Just LOOK at all those amazing benefits that you'll get from slopping on this moisturizer. It's part of Target's clean beauty list meaning it's made with ethical ingredients and is also vegan. No matter what your skin type, this hydrating cream helps to balance out your skin so you're left feeling beautifully hydrated.

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Starface Space Wash, $10.99
Skip your Starbucks run twice this week, and you'll have saved enough to grab yourself this trendy foaming facial cleanser that does wonders for acne-prone and oily skin.

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This clean beauty serum is a match made in heaven for anyone who is feeling like their pores are just a little bit too visible. The lightweight serum mattifies your complexion, works to visibly reduce pore size and reduces excess oil. Another selling point? It's formulated specifically for melanin-rich skin.

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Spa Sciences MIO, $29.49
This microdermabrasion kit is perfect for at-home spa treatments! Great for all skin types, it helps to improve the appearance of dry skin, pore size, and age/sun spots along with reducing blackheads, whiteheads, and acne scarring. Talk about at-home self-care!

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