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Hit List: The Trendy Gadget We're Coveting

This year's right now accessory comes with a healthy dose of high tech
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My closet is so full of purses, jewelry and shoes, I'm beginning to run out of excuses for why I really "need" that next trendy item. Maybe that's why I'm gravitating toward the old school, metallic and just plain cool headphones I've been spotting on celebs and fashion bloggers. Even Karl Lagerfeld got in on the hype, outfitting the models in his Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week runway show with black quilted pairs. And let's not forget -- headphones aren't just another trendy accessory. They're functional. That's excuse enough to go out and snap a pair.

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'It' Girl
Casting agent and fashion consultant Natalie Joos is always impeccably dressed, so it's no surprise that even her headphones are glamorous. These white and gold 'Layla' Headphones from Frends are a favorite amongst the fashion set.

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Fearless Color
You match your shoes to your purse -- why not match your headphones to your cell phone? This model spotted outside London Fashion Week goes bright and bold with all of her accessories.

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Ear Candy
A brightly colored pair of headphones gives any outfit a sporty vibe -- even when you're wearing head-to-toe Alexander Wang à la Australian fashion blogger Jasmin Howell of Friend in Fashion.

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Lagerfeld Approved
Chanel is all about pushing boundaries while maintaining classic grace. Chanel's Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week show featured just that -- models in haute couture and quilted headphones with the Chanel logo. And they aren't just for show. Karl Lagerfeld teamed up with the brand Monster (the same sound engineers who work on Beats by Dre) for the fashion/tech collaboration.

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