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The Headband Trend You'll Either Love or Hate

A simple flip of this ubiquitous accessory turns it into high-tech hardware with a stylish edge
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Back Headbands
Consider this the little trend that could: Backwards headbands. We know what you're thinking; us, too.

When we first spotted the look at Balenciaga's spring 2013 ready-to-wear show, we weren't quite sure what to make of it. Headbands worn around the back of the head? On first glimpse, it felt like an effect that was trying too hard. Also, it reminded us a lot of those behind-the-head headphones that had a moment about a decade ago.

But then, we started seeing it around, and we kind of liked it. Chanel not only embraced but one-upped the trend by giving it a structured and chic element that's completely wearable. Then we started seeing the behind-the-head headbands on risk-taking celebs and fashion bloggers, and we couldn't help but admire their style.

It's a simple twist on a classic look -- with a bit of a modern edge. We haven't exactly tried it out yet, but we're not saying we won't, either.

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The Golden Rule
Aside from the crop tops and clunky heels, this golden metal bandeau was the detail from the Balenciaga spring 2013 show that really sparked our interest. The way it's paired with a tousled, slightly unkempt hairstyle gives it a playful, futuristic vibe that still feels sophisticated.

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Party in the Back
The Chanel fall 2013 couture show offered yet another twist on the trend. By placing a sparkly strip of hardware just behind the high-volume crown of the ponytail hairstyle, you get a dramatic style with a polished finish.

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Go-Go-Gadget Headband
"TRON: Legacy" actress Serinda Swan accessorized with this gold back headband earlier this season. The futuristic, bohemian look reminds us of a gadget (the next iteration of Google Glass?) you might spot on a tech campus -- a great look for the sci-fi sequel star.

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Hello Halo
Accessorizing with shorter hair lengths can be tough. But this look we found on Pinterest makes a backward headband on medium hair seem so doable. Twisting two sections of hair and pinning them at the back is a cute but casual style in itself. Top it off with a shiny gold headpiece and it's instantly rich.

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