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Heatwave Beauty Survival: Expert Advice for Long-Lasting Makeup

Here's how to easily keep your makeup flawless during outdoor summer events
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Summer is the season of weddings, outdoor parties, proms, graduations — occasions where we approach makeup more seriously. After all, being immortalized in someone's (or our own, for that matter) life-long photo memories makes us want to look and feel confident, beautiful and classy. However, the inevitable companions of heat, humidity, and sweat often make us contemplate the idea of forgoing makeup altogether. After all, who wants to deal with oily foreheads, patchy foundation, and smeared mascara and eyeshadow? Fear not! The beauty and wellness experts at Fresha have come to the rescue with invaluable tips on how to make our makeup withstand the blazing summer heat, leaving us feeling confident and comfortable.

Their first piece of advice? Embrace the power of waterproof makeup products. Whether you're diving into the pool or enjoying a sandy day at the beach, these beauty essentials will ensure your makeup stays intact, unaffected by water or sweat. To combat the dreaded shine that accompanies the heat, opt for a matte bronzer instead of a shimmery one. This simple swap will prevent your skin from looking overly oily as the day progresses, keeping your complexion fresh and radiant.

Greasy skin getting you down? Choose an oil-free moisturizer to keep excess oil at bay throughout the day. The lightweight formulas will provide ample hydration without adding any unnecessary shine to your face.

When it comes to your eye makeup, skip the heavy eye creams on your eyelids before application. Instead, reach for an eye shadow primer. Not only will it create a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow, but it will also help prevent creasing and ensure your eye makeup lasts longer. Be prepared for touch-ups on the go by carrying mini-products in your bag. These pint-sized wonders allow you to refresh your makeup at any point during the day without weighing down your bag or sacrificing precious space.

Finally, to lock in the color and prevent any lip color mishaps, after applying your lip liner and lipstick, lightly dust a similar-colored eyeshadow or translucent powder on top. This clever trick will enhance the longevity of your lip color and keep your pout looking flawless.

Keep reading to discover how you can confidently bask in the summer's warmth while maintaining a flawless makeup look, and enjoy all the sunny adventures without worrying about makeup (or nervous) meltdowns. Your beauty will shine as bright as the sun itself!

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Swap your usual skincare for SPF-enriched skincare
If you haven't already introduced sunscreen into your everyday skincare routine, take this as yet another sign. Sunscreen should be used all year round, not just during the summer months, but it is essential to remember to use a higher SPF during seasons of higher UV to protect your skin.

When it's hot out, your skin might be better off with fewer layers of product. Plus, fewer layers of product underneath your foundation will make for easier application and longer wear. If you're worried about your skin's hydration, most sunscreens nowadays are formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to keep you moisturized all day long.

Our pick: Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum, an ultra-lightweight and hydrating SPF 50 sunscreen enriched with an array of skin-loving ingredients to provide serum-like benefits.

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Use a good primer
The preparation of the skin before you apply your makeup is just as important as the makeup itself. If your skin isn't prepped before you apply makeup, it can look patchy and uneven and reduce the length of time it will last.

If you are attending an event such as prom, graduation, or a wedding this summer, this step is vital to ensuring your makeup lasts. When layering up on makeup for a special occasion, take time with your preparation as it plays a main part in longevity, so don't skip this step and assume it's only the makeup that counts.

Our pick: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Mattifying Primer, perfect for combination and oily skin that works instantly to deliver all-day shine control while improving and extending foundation wear.

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Consider the finish of your makeup
While a dewy, natural glow is more on-trend than a flatter, matte finish, warm weather always brings the risk of looking oily rather than fresh. Additionally, higher temperatures can cause makeup to crease and sit in your pores. Go with an oil-free matte formula if you prefer a softer finish. This type of formula will also keep your skin looking less oily, and minimize creasing.

Our pick: Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation, a shine-, transfer-, humidity-, and sweat-proof, and oxidation-resistant foundation that gives you up to 16 hours of true-color wear.

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Use less product
It sounds obvious, and to some who like to layer up on makeup, it can be hard to part ways. But by wearing less on your skin, you will have fewer chances of ending the day with patchy makeup. Instead of foundation, try lighter coverage options such as tinted moisturizer, BB creams, or CC creams. If you like to wear more coverage but to make it look like you are wearing less, try a powder foundation, which will be one less liquid product on your face, and still provide buildable coverage.

Our pick: BareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15, a sheer-to-full coverage, non-comedogenic powder foundation that won't settle into fine lines, and improves skin condition over time.

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