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I Wore Static Nails for a Week and Didn't Hate It

These press-on nails are seriously next level
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If you're like me, you love a good manicure. But, if you're also like me, you don't always have the time or the money to make an appointment at your favorite salon. Such a bummer. Luckily for us, beauty protege Alexis Irene felt the same way. And thus Static Nails was born. As the founder of what Cosmo considers "the best unexpected gift to give your BFF," Alexis' main goal was to create a brand focused on elevating some of our favorite products (manicures) to produce real, good-for-you results tested and proven (the ultimate set of press-on nails). And since she brought her goal to fruition, I figured it was my turn to test and determine whether these little press-on beauties are really as good as the rave reviews.

Hint: They are. Keep scrolling to find out why.

Image via Instagram @staticnailsofficial

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You've Never Seen Press-On Nails Like These
When you think of your regular drugstore press-on nails, there's a good chance you cringe a little bit. When done correctly they can pass as a semi-professional French manicure that'll last precisely two hours before the first pop-off, but when done in a hurry, you're looking at a toddler-level mess of glue and crooked nails. Yikes. So, naturally, when you hear of an innovative new press-on nail company, chances are you think it's too good to be true. Ladies, I'm right there with you. And that's why I knew I needed to try Static Nails firsthand.

When you go on the Static Nails site, you're presented with row after row of gorgeous nails that look perfectly salon-crafted. Then you start seeing all the little 'Sold Out' icons and you start to really wonder if these press-on nails are in a category all their own. With double-sided colors, holographic, matte and gloss finishes, yup, you've definitely never seen anything like these gorgeous press-ons. Sorry generic French press-ons, there's a new nail brand in town.

With colors like Rose Gold Edit (a gorgeous, high-shine metallic rose gold), Doll Parts (a translucent, iridescent pink), and Doe (the perfect metallic unicorn hue), the hardest part might be choosing which pair you want.

Image via Instagram @claremacmua

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Static Nails Are the Most Precise Press-On Nails I've Ever Seen
If you've ever worn press-on nails, then you're all too aware of just how difficult it is to find a pre-shaped nail that aligns perfectly with your own. Then finding the duplicate for your other hand is a whole other feat in itself.

Static Nails clearly caught on to what other press-on nail brands haven't because all of their nails are numbered. I tried to take a picture once I noticed the clever little addition but they're too subtle to be seen with an iPhone camera. I only noticed the mini indicators after the fact, when I happened to be in a patch of stellar natural lighting and I spotted what looked like an oddly-shaped scratch on the underside of my nail. So, while I may not have known when applying my own Static Nails, now you will.

Image courtesy Rebecca Norris

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Applying Them Is the Perfect Excuse for a Girl's Night
Despite being worlds apart from traditional press-on nails, Static Nails are still a bit tricky to apply by yourself. As with all press-ons, applying the first hand is a breeze, but then trying to maneuver nails onto the other hand while getting used to ultra-long nails is challenging. Does this mean it's impossible? Definitely not. I'm just a big advocate of girls' nights and if they happen to help make a DIY manicure more foolproof, then that's just the perfect excuse to buy a bottle of Pinot, order a pizza and have the perfect little spa night, manicures and all.

Image courtesy Rebecca Norris

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Every Girl Should Try Coffin-Shaped Nails at Least Once in Their Life
As I sit here typing away at this article, my nails are long, iridescent and perfectly coffin-shaped. While I always loved the look as I scrolled through beauty blogger's after beauty blogger's feeds, I never really thought I could pull off the ultra-chic look, even as a beauty editor myself. There's just something about the out-to-there lengths and the sharp edges that intimidated me -- and if it weren't for Static Nails coming in this shape, I never would have discovered just how flattering it can be.

Not sure you can pull them off? Seriously, buy a pair, press them on and fall in love with your new mani. Just beware, after applying them you might notice yourself purposefully tucking your hair behind your ear with a single extended finger/ holding your phone differently/ zoning out staring at them in all their glory/ you know, really just anything to show off your killer new claws.

Image courtesy Rebecca Norris

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