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7 Nail Colors That Will Be Everywhere This Spring, According to Celebrity Manicurists

We give you full permission to break out of your winter rut and start swapping your deep, dark shades for these bright spring nail colors
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Spring means far more than the end of a brutally cold winter—it's a sign of everything new, from the leaves on the trees to flowers blooming to a change in wardrobe. For us beauty lovers, though, it's a sign that we can swap our dark, deep nail colors for brighter shades in pretty pastels and neat nudes. But if you're looking to branch out from the basics and try something a bit more trendy this season, here are the seven shades celeb nail stylists can't get enough of for Spring 2018.

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Light pink
It's obvious that this light (ahem, millennial) pink shade is having a serious moment. It's everywhere, from bomber jackets to bridesmaid dresses. It also looks incredibly beautiful on nails. "From blush to grayish, millennial pink is soft and sweet, yet can be edged up with stones and nail art," says celebrity manicurist, Sunshine. "You get the best of both worlds and it plays very nicely with other colors because it has a lightness and transparent look to it."

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Ultra Violet
If there's one hue you'll want to try this spring, it's Pantone color of the year ultra violet, also known as "provocative purple," thanks to its boldness and brilliance. The shade has a strong association with the galaxy and cosmos and has also been tied to two empowering movements: women's suffrage and LGBTQ rights. There's even a women's rights advocacy group named after it (check it out at

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Light yellow
Celebrity manicurist Arlene Hinckson, who works with Celine Dion and Sam Smith, reaches for this vibrant color as soon as the spring season arrives. It's bright, airy and reminiscent of longer days and warmer nights. We spotted yellow in all variations at New York Fashion Week, from marigold to mustard to lemon. Hinckson's favorite is a soft yellow, which she says reminds her of Coney Island in the '80s. "It's so fresh with the just the right level of bright, so you can pull it off with denim on date night and khakis for work."

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Shimmery nude
Will this basic-yet-elegant shade ever go out of style? "Nudes really never go off-trend, as they mix well with others and look great alone," says Sunshine. The key, she explains, is to find the perfect nude for your particular skin tone. If your skin tone is porcelain, follow up with nudes that complement pink or blue undertones, as these can be seen beneath very pale skin. If your skin tone is more olive, opt for something peachy to illuminate your natural glow. Those who have deeper skin tones are the luckiest, as they can really have their pick when it comes to a nude nail polish.

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