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These Jaw-Dropping Special Effects Makeup Looks Are Perfect for Halloween

Prepare to be amazed
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Regular easy Halloween makeup looks not going to cut it for you this year? Looking for something a little, well, extra? Special effects makeup might be just the trick.

Now, whether that entails applying dozens upon dozens of gemstones to your face, affixing a unicorn horn directly to your forehead with spirit gum, or creating spookily realistic acid burns is entirely up to you. Keep reading to check out four amazingly complex Halloween looks — and find out how to recreate them out home.

Image via @beautyinthe_shadows

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Acid Accident

Are you a fan of "American Horror Story: Coven?" Well, this Halloween makeup look happens to be inspired by Cordelia's acid incident, to excellent effect. Makeup artist @ry_fx created the unsettling blistered texture using Mehron 3D Gel, $8.95, setting it with Colorset Powder, $11.95. He then covered it all with Celebre Pro HD Cream Foundation, $14.50, to match the gel to his skin tone, and went in and created shadows in the gel using the ProColor Bruise, $16.50. Finally, he finished off the look with a generous amount of Coagulated Blood Gel, $5.50, as well as some seriously creepy contact lenses.

Image via @ry_fx

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Unicorns never go out of style and this color-drenched look is especially gorgeous. Makeup artist @beautyinthe_shadows used an array of rainbow makeup products to create this intricate look, including the Intense Pro Pressed Pigment Palette in Fire, $54, on the eyes (as well as for contouring all over the face). She followed it up by highlighting with a mix of Mixing Liquid, $10.95, and a blend of Paradise AQ Glitter in White, Pastel Lavender and Blue, $6.95 each.

Next, she created the splattered paint effect using the Paradise Makeup AQ Palette in Pastel, $39.95, as well as the Metallic Powder in Gold, $10.95 and the Paradise Makeup AQ in Black, $13.50. As for the rest? Well, she actually made the horn herself using foil and electrical tape (affixing it using Spirit Gum, $7.50, and Liquid Latex, $8.50) and topped it all off with Gypsy Shrine Jewels in Moon Child, $20.

Image via @beautyinthe_shadows

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Half-Face Nun

Take your nun costume to the next level with this ghoulish look. In addition to creating a ghostly white base using Clown White, $8.95, makeup artist @kaneshiashana added in some extra texture, applying Synwax, $8.50, to the nose to create a more haggard appearance, also using it to cover up the eyebrow on one side. She created the shadows and hollowed-out appearance using Paradise Makeup AQ, $13.50, then made up the exposed section of her face using much more standard colors.

Image via @kaneshiashana

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Glitter Queen

What better excuse than Halloween to affix glitter and rhinestones all over your person? It's all the Gypsy Shrine gems that take center stage on this look, but makeup artist @twistinbangs set them off to extra glamorous effect by outlining them with Metallic Powder in Silver, $10.95 and Paradise AQ Glitter, $6.95. For even more color, she used the Intense Pro Pressed Pigment Palette in Fire, $54, around her eyes and as a contour, also adding some highlight with the Highlight-Pro 3 Color Palette in Cool, $25.

Image via @twistinbangs

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