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Bad Sleep No More: These Sleep-Assisting Products Will Have Us Waking Up Rested

Can you imagine?
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We're finally there: we can no longer turn a blind eye to our miserable, restless, broken sleep; it's been going on long and often enough for us to notice a pattern. It's no longer one bad day or one challenging week, it seems we are consistently waking up and, what's worse, staying tired. So, now that we're at the aforementioned there, what should we do? Just settle for that? Or act on it?
As I heard a lady (sassily) say in a reel a year ago: "Hon... this'the 21st century — we ain't settlin'!"
The lineup we have for you here is so diverse, so interesting, so inspiring and effective. By no means should you use all of these sleep products in the same bedtime routine, but you most certainly could combine a couple, especially at the end of those extra heavy days when you are dying for your bed. What's cozier than that? Waking up feeling blissfully rested, for one. It is possible; why not give one of these babies a go?

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We'll try anything that gets the Venus Williams sleepy! Aside from being nourishing, courtesy of shea butter and sweet almond oil, it contains topical grade muscle-relaxing ingredients — and it smells of lemongrass.

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Aside from getting us to sleep with anxiety-dimishing valerian root and ashwagandha, there's also vitamin C, ginger and turmeric in there for immune and gut support, as well as brain health.

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Monoi flower and sandalwood will transform basic hygiene time into a spa-like experience thanks to their mood-calming and relaxing aroma. The best part — they are both, shower and bathtub friendly. If you get to soak, you will also enjoy the benefits of skin-nourishing lavandin, orange, and oatmeal.

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Bet you didn't see this one coming: this vegan, allergen free, sugar free, halal and kosher friendly chewing sleep candy is 3D printed into existence (and tastes like black currant), and is rich in mega nutrients, all which work in sync to fortify and calm the body. There are enough gummies to last 28 days.

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