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9 Workouts for Better Sex

Here, the fitness classes and crazes to help you tap into your sensual side, boost confidence and look good naked
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Let's talk about sex. Sometimes, especially as women, we have a rough time fulfilling our potential for pleasure. "It comes down to energy and inhibitions," says sex therapist and author, Dr. Jane Greer, PhD. "For women, inhibitions flow from feeling uncomfortable with our bodies." She says that insecurity is the primary reason why women struggle to enjoy sex. Luckily, there's an easy cure: Exercise.

"With exercise, you start to feel in control of your body," says Greer. "That turns into emotional strength. When you feel better about your appearance, you have the sexual confidence to give, ask for and receive pleasure." Not to mention the benefits of exercise on endurance (three cheers for lasting 45 minutes).

But when it comes to sex, not all workouts are created equal. Some target specific body parts involved in the bedroom. "What that does is increase awareness," says women's wellness expert Alison Lessard. "When you're mindful of the hips, the thighs... that heightens sensation and sensuality."

So what are these miracle exercises, you ask? Keep scrolling to find nine workouts for better sex -- for attracting a partner, building confidence and getting your body climax-ready.

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Pole Dance
What It Is: Pole dance gets a bad rap (strippers, dollar bills, you're familiar...), but sign up for a pole fitness class, and you're in for "a total body workout that incorporates strength, flexibility and sass," says pole fitness instructor Courtney Alexander.

Bedroom Benefits: "Pole moves help improve flexibility and inner thigh strength," says Alexander. Climbing that pole requires you to constantly squeeze your knees together with your inner thigh muscles, aka, your adductors. "Strong adductors come in handy in the bedroom because they gives you a better grip in missionary position or when straddling your partner," says Alexander. "Plus, squeezing your thighs together helps tighten the vaginal canal, which enhances the friction male partners feel."

Who Should Do It: People with an interest in dance, gymnastics or alternative workouts. A pole class incorporates "fun, sexy dance moves with an acrobatic flare," (crowd favorites include fireman spins, body waves and inverted pole suspensions), so a sense of adventure can't hurt. Classes cater to all levels of experience though, so no need to have an athletic background.

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What It Is: Vixen is a high-intensity dance class meant to bring our your inner Beyonce. "When women arrive, the room is lit like a nightclub," says Vixen founder Janet Jones. The first ten minutes are a time to get warmed up, but also pumped up, by learning a variety of fierce poses and faces (the "red carpet J. Lo face" is a favorite).

A guide warms up the class with a few easy, fun moves -- the kind you'd see in a music video -- and for the next 60 minutes, you dance. "There's no stopping, no explaining, you just follow the guide and go," says Jones.

Ultimately, Vixen is a high-intensity interval workout -- three minutes of dancing, then a minute off, and repeat -- but it's hidden beneath music and dance that feel more like a concert than exercise.

Bedroom Benefits: "Some people might find a supersexy workout like pole dance intimidating," says Jones. But Vixen taps into the type of sexy that's powerful but relatable. "It's the sexy you'd see on TV -- the Beyonce sexy." Tapping into your own sexuality and feminine power by channeling that can help you learn to be a braver in the bedroom.

Who Should Do It: On-the-go women with demanding career and family obligations. With all the roles women have to fill in their everyday lives, "we end up losing ourselves," says Jones. Vixen prompts you to get in touch with yourself again. "Some women might be doctors or wives with children, but in Vixen, we let them experience themselves in a new way."


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What It Is: Burlesque is a dance with roots in vaudeville performance. "There's a lot of stuff that calls itself 'burlesque' that would be better classified as 'go-go dancing' or 'dirty dancing,'" says Nicole LaBonde, burlesque instructor and creator of CA*BARRE*ET Fitness. Her hybrid burlesque-fitness class consists of a leg warm-up at the ballet barre, moving onto a vintage-inspired cardio dance session, where you learn full burlesque routines (which sometimes use fun props like chairs, boas and gloves). "We must remember, burlesque is about the tease," says LaBonde. "It's tongue-in-cheek."

Bedroom Benefits: Burlesque is great for women who need to work on their confidence when taking control in the bedroom (as opposed to being controlled). "Burlesque is not about him. It's about you: You in control, you feeling good, you expressing," says LaBonde. This is important for women who have a hard time putting their sexual needs first.

Burlesque also "emphasizes coordination and gracefulness, which help you carry yourself better in the bedroom," says LaBonde. "Developing a sense of your own sensuality, and knowing how you like to express that through your body, will lead to a healthier intimate life."

Who Should Do It: Burlesque choreography is simple and easy to pick up, but it's best suited to those with an interest in dance. The workout is aerobic and involves a lot of legwork, so women focused on toning their legs can especially benefit.

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What It Is: "Barre workouts entail tweaked ballet moves, Pilates, light hand weights and deep stretches," explains barre instructor Jennifer McCamish of Dancers Shape studio. "After warming up the muscles, you work each body part to the point of fatigue -- starting with your arms, then moving on to thighs, glutes and hamstrings and finishing with your core." The workout incorporates a small range of precise, controlled motions to help stabilize joints and strengthen the core.

Bedroom Benefits: "Great sex is all about controlling the strength and flexibility around your hips and your pelvic floor," says McCamish. (The pelvic floor is the muscular area that contracts during orgasm -- "the better you can control these muscles, the better and more intense the orgasm," says McCamish). Barre's precise exercises acutely target these areas. Second Position alone works the inner thighs, glutes, quads, knees and pelvic floor -- all important for exploring "more adventurous sexual positions" and being able to hold them.

Who Should Do It: Women who are interested in a "longer, leaner, more lifted aesthetic," says founder of Miami's Barre Motion studio, Dr. Julie Jacko. "Women love it because of its excellent toning results," adds McCamish.

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