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We Gave 6 Makeup Artists $100 to Spend at Sephora — Here's What They Bought

Use your hard-earned money wisely on the go-to makeup picks of industry pros.
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For makeup junkies like us, Sephora is basically our version of Candy Land. Whenever we step inside one, we can't help but walk down each and every row and throw eye shadow after blush after concealer in our shopping baskets.

If you're anything like us, then you know that it's definitely easy to go overboard at the mother of all beauty stores. You walk in for a mascara, and you leave with lipsticks in a rainbow of colors, a contour palette you have no idea how to use, and a whole bunch of travel-sized goodies (even though you don't have a trip planned for months). Sounds familiar, right? While your makeup bag might be stuffed to the gills with gorgeously packaged beauty products, your bank account might be looking a little worse for wear.

Which is why we went to the pros and had six of the beauty industry's top makeup artists share how they'd spend $100 on makeup at Sephora. Here, they reveal the lip glosses, eyeliners, and more they use on themselves as well as all day every day on clients. Trust us -- they know what they're talking about. Now go forth and shop Sephora wisely.

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Sophia Porter
Chicago-based makeup artist Sophia Porter specializes in bridal beauty. Not only is she skilled at creating the most glowing makeup looks for brides on their special day, she's also a hairstylist, making her one of the most sought-after and well-rounded experts in the biz. Consider her the ultimate beauty triple threat. Follow her on Instagram.

Image courtesy Sophia Porter

"Currently I'm obsessing over everything in Rihanna's new makeup line, but I absolutely love this lip gloss. It's the perfect opacity with just enough shimmer, isn't sticky at all, and has such a delicious scent. The sheer rose color truly does look beautiful on every skin tone! Definitely my go-to gloss for all jobs I've been working recently."

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"There is something so magical about this highlighter! It has a beautiful golden sheen that stays dewy when you apply it. Also, this particular highlighter photographs perfectly under all lighting scenarios."

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"This mascara is what I use on myself to get ultra-long, dark, feathery lashes. It has a really cool wand, which bends on different angles to reach smaller areas on the lash line. But what I love about it most is the formulation and brush. You can coat your lashes endlessly and it won't clump up at all!"

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