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15 Celebrity Quotes That Prove You're Not the Only One With Insecurities

Sometimes the most glamorous, famous women really are just like us
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Keeping a high level (or any level) of self-confidence isn't easy for most women. Our insecurities can stem from something you were teased about in school, changes in your looks due to age and stress, or maybe you simply never liked your feet. Now imagine whatever you're self conscious about being photographed and analyzed by thousands of people on a regular -- even daily -- basis. Circled perhaps. With arrows point at all your flaws. And don't forget the comments. Kind of a nightmare.

This is what celebrities deal with every day, and many admit that even before the harsh glare of the spotlight turned on them, they felt insecure. Just recently, Mariah Carey, the most divalicious of all, told the NY Post "I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that." And Emma Watson acknowledged in Esquire that if real-life her can't live up to her painted and polished face in a magazine, how can anyone else cope?

Self-loathing is an affliction which is seldom based in reality and can affect anyone -- even those who seem to have everything. If you're feeling down, just know that some of the most beautiful, accomplished women in the world feel the same. So take a look at these superrelatable quotes -- and then tell another woman she's fabulous today.

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Mariah Carey
"I just feel like I am a regular human being and I deserve the same respect as anybody else," the chanteuse told Page Six. "I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that."

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Emma Watson
"Comparing myself to how I look, when I've gone through all of that makeup and styling, in my normal life is... just... I can't live up to it," Watson told Esquire. "I was like, 'Holy shit! If that's how I feel -- and I get to be the person who's on the cover of those magazines -- how's anyone else meant to cope?'"

Image via Instagram @emmawatson

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Demi Lovato
"I used to think that confidence came from what other people thought about me, and boys and everything else. But now I realize that confidence comes from what I feel about myself and reassuring myself that I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want," Lovato revealed to Seventeen magazine.

Image via Instagram @ddlovato

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Jessica Williams
"Growing up as a black girl in a society that traditionally values white European features, I really was down on myself as a kid," Williams wrote in Allure. "You know in the old Barbie advertisements they would play with the white Barbie first? And the black girls played with the black Barbie. And in the final shot, it would be the white Barbie with the black Barbie behind her. I picked up on those subtle things, and unfortunately I internalized them."

Image via Instagram @msjwilly

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