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19 Fun Makeup Looks You Should Resolve to Try This Year

Get out of a makeup rut
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How many New Year's resolutions did you make in 2018? And how many of them did you actually keep? Be honest. If you have a habit of forgetting your resolutions before January is over, it's time to choose ones you'll actually stick with, like beauty resolutions.

You've probably heard of practical beauty resolutions like always removing makeup before going to sleep and wearing sunscreen every single day — and you should definitely have those on your list. But we're also encouraging you to get creative. If you've found yourself repeating the same look over and over and over, it's time to get out of that makeup rut by making it a goal to try new looks. You likely already have all the products you need in your makeup kit, so it's time to actually put them to use.

Keep reading for 19 pretty and unique makeup looks you should resolve to try in 2019.

Image via Imaxtree

Cover image via Imaxtree

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Sunshine Shadow
In 2018, we realized there was a severe shortage of yellow in our makeup bags. If you still haven't come on board with the trend, now is the time. Go big with a sunny shadow applied from lashes to brows, like M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Chrome Yellow, $17.

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Neon Kisser
Finally overcome being intimidated by red lipstick? Then it's time to try neon red lipstick. Neon makeup colors are popping up in more and more collections and a fluorescent red is a brilliant entry point. Don't shy away from the dusting of glitter on the eyes, either.

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Glitta Lips
Metallic and glitter lips have been shimmering on many runways and Instagram feeds. Don't wait until festival season rolls around to try a prismatic pucker. Keep the rest of the face au naturel to balance out the dazzling finish.

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Bright, Bright Lashes
Wedge that black mascara out of your hand and embrace color. Any shade of the rainbow counts in the colored mascara trend. These pretty pink lashes with coordinating lip are a must-try. Don't be afraid to really layer mascara on top and bottom lashes — it takes the place of shadow.

Image via Imaxtree

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