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Rosemary Oil for Hair Has Google on Fire — Here's Why

It all started with TikTok
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A new finding by beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha analyzed Google search data for searches related to the rosemary oil hair hack, which revealed that 'rosemary oil' increased in worldwide searches by 331% over the past 5 years. The interest in rosemary oil gained popularity on TikTok after beauty and wellness influencers shared their experiences using the product while showcasing the results after around six weeks.

Fresha's founder and CEO, William Zeqiri, commented on the results: "These findings are a definite eye-opener to see just how much exposure TikTok can offer to such a simple and accessible substance like rosemary oil, and proves just how many people are interested in natural remedies for hair care which are fun and easily manageable, even if you are a regular salon visitor."

The hashtag #rosemaryoil has totaled 1.3 billion views, alongside #rosemaryoilforhairgrowth, reaching 212.3 million views; in the United States, searches for 'rosemary oil for hair' have seen an increase of 73%, and 52% worldwide over the past year. If you're finding yourself curious about using rosemary oil for hair, here are some fast answers about this natural, affordable, and easily accessible ingredient; what it does, how to use it, and when and how much.

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What Does Rosemary Oil Do To Your Hair?
Rosemary oil stimulates and promotes hair growth, battles against dandruff, and prevents premature graying; it has also been proven to add shine and a healthy look to the hair after a more extended period of regular use.

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How Should You Use Rosemary Oil?
If you have thin, lighter, and hair that gets easily damaged, you should use the oil once a week as a treatment. If dandruff is your issue, then use a few drops of rosemary oil alongside gentler oils. Try applying a few drops to washed and toweled hair pre-dry, or more drops if using it as a treatment to be rinsed off.

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How Often Should You Use Rosemary Oil In Your Hair?
Mixing rosemary oil with lighter oils such as coconut, castor, or jojoba oil will help dilute the rosemary oil's strength and work to soothe and nurture the hair; diluted in this way, it can be used up to 4 times a week for 1-3 months, 2-3 times a year.

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