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9 Rodan + Fields Products Worth Adding to Your Skin Care Routine

Our reviewers share their favorites and why they love them
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If you've logged onto your Facebook account at all recently, chances are you've seen someone you're friends with selling Rodan + Fields skin care products. The uber-popular line was founded in 2002 by two ladies who know their stuff: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, both Stanford-trained derms. While Rodan + Fields started out as a department store brand, it's now sold by independent consultants across the country (hence why you see so many of your peeps hawking it on social media). But are any of the R + F products really worth the hype bestowed by motivated sellers? Turns out, a lot of Total Beauty readers love their stuff. Find out which Rodan + Fields products Total Beauty readers love the most before making your decision.
(You can also check out all Rodan + Fields product reviews here.) average member rating: 10*

Why it's great: If you've ever had acne, you know that it can seriously mess with your confidence -- and it can be seriously difficult to manage. Enter this four-step regimen including a sulfur cleanser, clarifying toner, benzoyl peroxide treatment, and oil control lotion that has reviewers swooning. Here's how one reviewer puts it: "Perfect for my adult acne! It doesn't dry out my skin, it doesn't irritate it, and it leaves me blemish-free! I stopped wearing makeup due to this regimen! I only wear BB cream or tinted moisturizers now."

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*At the time of publication

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Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, $150 average member rating: 10*

Why it's great: "You start to notice a difference in about 30 days, then a bigger difference in about 60 days, and a HUGE difference in 90 days!" shares one reviewer, who's been using this conditioning serum for the last few months. "My eyelashes were so short before and now they touch my eyebrows! This stuff has even helped my eyebrows grow back in from over-plucking."

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*At the time of publication average member rating: 9.8*

Why it's great: "Since using this product, my skin is softer/smoother, my fine lines diminished and my pores appear smaller! I'm in love! I even have my husband using it," writes one reader. Fans of this retinol- and peptide-packed serum, which is housed in tiny blue capsules that you twist open to apply, say the texture "feels like a powdery oil," but not greasy.

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*At the time of publication average member rating: 9.2*

Why it's great: "Even if temporary, I love the way these patches make my skin look around my smile lines after each use. Pricey but worth it!" raves one reviewer. These tiny patches, which should be applied over wrinkled areas, contain hyaluronic acid and peptides. Another review goes so far as to say, "This is the best product I've found for getting rid of wrinkles short of Botox and filler injections." And one more adds that the patches are great to use before special events.

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*At the time of publication

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