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These Genius Retinol Oils Come With Major Skin Care Benefits

Dryness and sensitivity with typical retinol products is a thing of the past.
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Like all great things, retinol can be polarizing: On one hand, people hype it up for its ability to help keep your skin looking bouncy, radiant and free of blemishes. On the other, many people have reactions to the ingredient — it's been known to cause irritation, dryness and even peeling.

That said, don't completely push this almost magic ingredient to the back burner just yet. If you're worried about incurring your skin's wrath, you may want to give retinol oils a try. You see, they combine the many wonders of your typical retinol serum with the hydrating, glow-boosting effects of a face oil. And the oil base helps counter any dryness or peeling that the retinol might otherwise incur, helping to ensure that it's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Together, oil and retinol form something of a magic bullet, adeptly combating the signs of aging and any pesky breakouts, while also leaving your skin feeling extra soft and subtle. Heck, after using a retinol oil regularly, you may even feel tempted to skip out on your foundation. Get ready for more beautiful skin, thanks to these helpful retinol oils.

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Created by British plastic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides MD, this luxurious retinol oil uses innovative ingredients for results you'll see almost immediately. Part of his Celestial Black Diamond Collection, this anti-aging oil works wonders with maximum strength 1% retinol that shows uneven skin tone and texture who's boss.

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This opulent night oil features retinol in a base of cold-pressed grape seed oil to help keep your skin looking and feeling young and fresh after use. Though it's an oil, it is incredibly lightweight and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue. Skin is left hydrated and with the perfectly Instagram-filter glow.

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Even if aging isn't an issue you're concerned about at the moment, you'll still love to slather this Sunday Riley on nightly. Before bed, you can slop it on, and by morning you'll notice how much healthier your skin looks and feels. You're just a few applications away from smaller pores and a more even complexion.

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This superstar product combines the powers of vitamin A (aka retinol) with a potent retinoid analog — get ready to say "sayonara" to any visible signs of aging. It also uses ingredients like Brazilian white beggar's tick flower extract that helps to boost collagen and vitamin E to keep your complexion nourished and firm AF.

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