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All the Beauty and Wellness Products You Need to Have in Your Postpartum Kit

From ice cold pads to pampering facial wipes.
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After pushing out a baby, it's time for some pampering. Unfortunately, most of us aren't in the position to walk without wincing. Let alone get on a massage table or stand up long enough for a facial.

Shopping for postpartum care products can be overwhelming. Especially for first-time mothers. By the time baby two rolls around most parents know what to expect and what to buy. But we're here to help you get it right the first time.

From helping speed up recovery to keeping acne at bay, here are the best postpartum care products.

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This kit is a game changer. Especially if you're going for a vaginal delivery. While your hospital will likely provide you with some ice pads, you should buy extra Instant Ice Maxi Pads. (The kit includes four, which is enough for your hospital stay, but you'll want about four times as many, especially if you have an episiotomy.)

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Bruising, stitches, hemorrhoids... The post-birth, below-the-belt situation can make a simple act like sitting on a chair painful. Not exactly practical when you have to feed a baby every two hours. This cushion with its reusable cold pack will make sitting a whole lot less excruciating.

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You may not be able to shower during your hospital stay. But use these two-step wipes and no one will be the wiser. FYI: They make great baby shower gifts.

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Even if you were lucky enough to have glowing skin before and during pregnancy, you may still find yourself battling postpartum acne. Murad makes effective products that you can pop into your routine where it best suits you. Like this new must-have peel.

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