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Spruce up Your Online Dating Profile With These 7 Tips

If your profile is tired, we've got some tips to get you back in the game.
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You've had too many first dates to count. Your thumb is getting sore from too much swiping. Your online dating skills are honed to perfection — you're nobody's fool, because you've been at it for years.

It's definitely one of the most popular ways to meet people, but if you've been in the game a while, it might just be time to freshen up your profile. Yes, you spent a lot of time creating it in the first place... but let's give it the time and attention it deserves with an exciting new makeover. Keep reading for a variety of tips to really make your online dating profile shine — from showcasing your hobbies through action shots, to creating fun icebreakers to really get the conversation started.

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The photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and most of us have an initial attraction to someone because of how they look. When it comes to dating apps, sometimes that's the whole criteria. There are some tips and tricks to this game. It's important to put your best foot forward, but exactly how do you do that? So glad you asked.

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Photo tip #1: Get up and go

Our number one photo tip? Make sure you include pictures of you doing things. You'll get more messages if your pictures show you involved in an activity. If you took a surfing lesson, put that up — it shows you're adventurous. Play the piano? Have someone snap a photo next time you're tickling the ivories. Studies show that pictures taken outside get more messages as well, so go take a hike.

It also gives potential mates conversation starters. When a friend was surprised with tickets to "Hamilton," she put that photo up. Her now-boyfriend opened with the line, "I'm so jealous."

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Photo tip #2: Keep it current

You're also going to want to make sure your pictures are recent. After all, no one likes to be disappointed (or worse, be the disappointment), when you meet for the first time IRL. So make sure the photos are from the last year or so. It's actually the number one complaint on most dating apps. The second? No group shots. Don't make your potential mate have to search; when things become difficult, people will move on.

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Photo tip #3: Say cheese

When putting together your profile, be sure to include at least one photo where you're smiling. Yes, we know you look sexier when you're serious, but the truth of the matter is, you're way more approachable with a grin. And that's the point, right? People also want to see those baby blues, so take off your sunglasses, and look at the camera. You also get over 200-percent more messages if you have a full body shot (but no mirror selfies, please).

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