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6 Overnight Hair Masks That'll Make for Glorious Morning Hair

A deep conditioner that works while you sleep? We're SO in
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Let's face it: You don't always have time to let your conditioner set. And even if you do have the time, sometimes it's a drag to stand there in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes waiting for a product to work its magic before you can rinse and run. In those trying, impatient times, there's an alternative option you can reach for: overnight hair masks. Yep, these bad boys were formulated to be applied before you hit the hay so you can wake up to hair that's, well, anything but hay.

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Antisocial is a fresh member of the IGK family, and it already has lots of people buzzing. Even in this already-unique category of overnight hair masks, it feels like a diamond. For starters, the formulation boasts time-release technology that works all night long to help repair hair at the bond level. Second, it doesn't require you to rinse the product out in the morning, so you can simply wake up, style, and go. And lastly, its hero ingredient is vegan silk extract and it smells amazing.

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Here's another overnight leave-in hair conditioner that you don't have to rinse out in the morning. Instead of a spray, though, Kerastase has formulated a serum that you massage into the lengths-to-ends to sate parched hair. It's made with iris root extract to hydrate and coat hair for a full eight hours (more incentive to catch enough Zzz's). as well as a blend of five different vitamins to nourish and soften your strands.

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Kyn Overnight Hair Mask, $16

For an overnight treat that makes your hair shiny and strong while also soothing your scalp, try this decadent mask. To use, apply a dime-sized amount to either dry or damp hair before you go to sleep, then braid your hair loosely to keep the product locked in better. You can technically leave the mask on until you're ready to wash again (it's lightweight and not too noticeable, especially if you focus on ends), or you can rinse in the morning before styling or air-drying.

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This mask from Unwash works similarly to Kyn's, in the sense that you apply it to dry or damp hair in the evening, then rinse in the morning with water and style however you prefer. While you sleep, it helps nourish your hair and repair damage, hydrates parched locks, and even protects your color. You can braid your hair to lock the product in or apply the hair wrap that's included with your purchase.

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