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Must-Have Products to Make Pores Do a Disappearing Act

The latest shrinkers, fighters and minimizers for those up-close #nofilter selfies
This creamy, oil-free primer seamlessly blends into skin to minimize the look of pores and fine lines so you're left with a soft, semi-matte finish, and a smooth starting point for the rest of your skin care routine. This fast-acting blur cream's velvety, moisturizing formula makes it the perfect pick for dry skin types in particular.

This unique, pore vanishing formula, applied as the last step of your skin care routine, works to instantly minimize the look of your pores. The light, yellow-beige cream smoothes over your skin, creating an even, matte surface that rivals the effects of PhotoShop.

A build-up of oil and skin debris can clog pores and make them appear larger. Packed with fine, volcanic pumice, vitamin E, aloe and peppermint extract, this soothing exfoliator cleans deeply, gently removing dead skin cells and de-clogging your pores. If you're into cleansing treatments you can feel working instantly, consider this your little magic beauty bullet.

If you're more concerned with getting to the root of your pore-problem than covering it up, Proactiv+ has your back. The acne experts at Proactiv developed this line to incorporate other complexion-friendly skin care benefits to their winning formula, and their effective pore-targeting treatment is proof of a mission accomplished. This leave-on gel releases benzoyl peroxide directly into pores to target acne-causing bacteria, while the formula's hydrating glycerin locks in moisture to offset drying and give skin that radiant glow.

The latest collection from Dr. Jart is all about pore protection at each step of your skin care routine. Used as a toner, this product is infused with a powder complex that mattifies skin in just one spray, controlling excess oil while hydrating your skin and purifying pores. As a setting spray, the formula's calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients like witch hazel give your face a soothing, healthy glow, like you just walked out of a Pilates class. But rest assured, with this mist, your makeup won't budge all day.

Poor pores. Even though they're essential for a healthy complexion (they release protective oils onto the surface of your skin), we like to think we'd be better off without them. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a myth that we can shrink our pores down to micro size. Their magnitude is largely determined by our genes. The good news is, treating skin right (hello, daily sunscreen!) can help keep pore size in check. The rest comes down to sleight of hand. Here, the 10 latest and greatest products to help make your pores do a disappearing act.

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