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7 Products You Need in Your Skin Care Arsenal to Achieve Honey Skin

Ready to get shiny, smooth, honey skin? Here are some of the best K-beauty products to try.
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You may have heard of the glass skin trend in K-beauty, which describes skin as smooth and translucent as, you guessed it, glass. It has been a buzzword for some time, but in Korea there's something even bigger. Honey skin is glass skin's more popular sister, but the trend has nothing to do with putting honey on your skin. The goal is to get your skin to look like honey. If you look closely, honey does look shiny and smooth and that's exactly what we want our skin to look like. Unlike glass skin, honey skin's focus is on suppleness and nourishment, much like when you were a baby.

Ready to get honey skin? Here are some of the best K-beauty products to try.

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According to Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho, the first step to achieving honey skin is to get rid of impurities. Believe it or not, there are times that dirt is still left on your skin after double cleansing. That's where this toner is a godsend. Cho swears by its cleansing ability when used with a cotton pad. Plus, it is formulated with 10 percent licorice, which is rich in brighteners that will give your skin that inner glow.

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In K-beauty, toners aren't the harsh, drying ones we're used to. Known as hydrating toners, they mainly prep skin to absorb the skin care products you'll layer on top. This toner is loved for a reason — it has plant-based ingredients that nourish skin without any irritation. It also restores skin's pH, allowing your complexion to absorb all the good stuff in your next skin care steps.

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After toning, it's time to feed your skin the good stuff. This essence is another recommendation by Charlotte Cho. It has more than 93 percent fermented ingredients that instantly moisturize your skin deep down. It also has rice extracts that help brighten your complexion.

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Since we're talking about honey skin, why not use a product that is somewhat related to it? Propolis is a compound made by honey bees famed for its healing and soothing properties. This ampoule packs a punch of hydrating benefits to even out your skin and leave it firm and supple.

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