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Mushroom Blonde Is Our New Favorite Color for Fall

Pinterest says it's the new platinum blonde!
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When a term receives a 308 percent search rate increase on Pinterest, you know you've got a new trend on your hands. Move over, rose gold, ombre, and platinum — "mushroom blonde" is here!

... but what is it exactly?

Mushroom blonde is a stunning multi-tone hair color that plays with the ashy shades of light brown, dark blonde, and grey — just like the colors you'll find on a mushroom! Most of the time, it starts with darker roots that go lighter as it descends the hair. Because of this grown-out look, it can go without touch-ups for up to six months, which makes it lower maintenance than its other blonde sisters (RIP all the dead hair caused by frequent bleaching). And because it's neither brown or blonde in a traditional sense, it's the perfect hair color for natural blondes who want to try a darker shade, and for brunettes who want to go lighter.

If you're looking forward to trying it this season, read on to see hair inspirations you can show to your hairstylist.

Image via Imaxtree

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Cool and beige

Keep your mushroom blonde cool and creamy by adding some luminous, beige highlights.

Image via @hairby_yv0

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Color-shifting metallic

Is it brown? Blonde? Or gray? Make them guess with this metallic mushroom blonde shade. It's a work of art!

Image via @toby_doeshair

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Mushroom melt

Give your mushroom blonde 'do an ethereal look by incorporating a gradual color melt. It's totally swoon-worthy; just look how smooth and elegant this is!

Image via @tofutofudiane

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Ashy balayage highlights

Add more dimension to your mushroom blonde shade by adding stunning highlights. It's a hair color that suits every season.

Image via @chelseacomptonhair

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