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Jaw-Dropping Multicolor Nail Designs You Have to See

From boss lady sophistication to happy and cute, to 3D, these multicolor nail ideas will leave you majorly heart-eyed
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Cool nails are both fashion and beauty; on top of that, they make one quite versatile canvas for self-expression. We here continue to be amazed by the creations these nail artists come up with, and lately, multicolor nail designs have been coming up in many different forms, but with a common vibe — wearable, customizable, and tasteful-looking nail designs for people of diverse tastes. This takes multicolor nails away from the teenage association we all have with them, and puts them right up there with the grown-ups (just look at how sophisticated this nail design is).

From neon to playful and sophisticated, multicolor nails are one of the most optimistic, happiness-conveying nail polishing styles one can try. Even just browsing through them had us feeling happier; imagine actually wearing them daily — stress, who??

Image via @thehangedit

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Taking French...
...for a spin!

Image via @julyninetysix

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Not So Heavy Metal
Here's an idea how to make the glitter and metallic shades really shine.

Image via @marvelousssnails

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Happy Auras
Aura nails, but with a summer twist.

Image via @lisa__nailedit

Photo 5/14
Fruit Punch
The multicolor theme, extended version: 5-a-day it is!

Image via @nailsfromnars

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