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Start the Day Glowing With a Morning Sheet Masking Session

Sheet masks aren't just for bedtime. These eight morning sheet masks will help you achieve #IWokeUpLikeThis skin.
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For many people, sheet masks are something they apply at the end of the day to practice a little self-care and get clearer, brighter skin. But devoted maskers know that applying sheet masks in the morning is a great way to boost your skin care regimen.

There are sleeping masks so why should mornings be maskless? Some of our old favorites can work just as well in the morning as they do at night, especially energizing, brightening and moisturizing formulas. Plus, there are some priming sheet masks specifically designed for morning use. They help erase the evidence of sins from the night before (puffiness, lackluster skin, dryness) and create a smoother base for makeup.

We know that adding a beauty treatment to a rushed morning routine might seem impossible, but a sheet mask is pretty low-maintenance. Just take a few seconds to carefully unfold it and apply to washed, toned skin, then continue with your regular morning routine. In the 15-ish minutes it takes the mask to work, finalize an outfit, enjoy a flat white and/or style your hair. When time is up, your skin will be more hydrated and luminous and you'll still be on track to get out the door in time.

Click through the gallery to see the sheet masks made for #morningmask sessions.

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E.L.F. Cosmetics claims its primer sheet mask is "better than any photo filter in the app store." It's a grand statement, but it does create more refined, even skin IRL without having to rely on makeup. The fast-acting treatment takes five minutes so the vitamin-rich formula will have worked its magic in the time it takes to make coffee. At $2 a treatment, it's possible to stock up without breaking the bank. FYI: There's a three pack available.

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BioBelle Primer Mask, $3.99
In the morning we want quick, multitasking products. This primer mask satisfies those requirements. It will actually streamline skin care routines because it reduces the appearance of pores, boosts radiance and gives skin an even finish. The Tencel mask is infused with rosehip extract, tea tree oil and vitamin C to fake a full night's rest. The paraben-, gluten- and GMO-free formula only needs to be left on for five minutes.

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A faux glow from a sheet mask? It's possible with this first-of-its-kind product. The vegan sheet mask is infused with 100 percent natural tan actives to achieve a golden glow. Users are able to control how dark their tan is by how long they leave the mask on. Five minutes results in a light, natural tan, while 15 minutes will produce a rich, bronzed goddess color. After using the mask, skin will have a dewy, radiant finish that lends itself to a morning application. The full color develops in eight hours with no tan lines.

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Are mornings a struggle? Make them easier with this five-in-one sheet mask. The cotton fiber sheet mask is saturated with a creamy serum made with brightening pigments to perk up skin after a long night. Signs of hangovers and/or restless nights will be gone thanks to the brightening, blurring and moisturizing formula. The product also creates a great base for smooth makeup application. And the mask does all of that in just three minutes.

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