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6 Moisturizing Gels for People Who Hate Body Lotion

These ultra-hydrating body gels will leave skin supple, not sticky
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What do you reach for when it's still too warm for body butters, but you need extra moisture to help keep your skin soft through the colder months ahead? Answer: One of these body gels. They're nourishing and hydrating without being sticky or greasy — and they'll keep your skin cool and refreshed through the (numbered) warm days. Plus, each gel boasts a different benefit, from soothing muscle aches and pains to firming up your skin.

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For Relieving the Final Sunburn of Summer
You had to do it: Get one last beach/park/lake day in before the warm weather fades. But you overdid it on the sun and under-applied the sunscreen. That's where Korres' Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel comes in. This pH-neutral, yoghurt-based gel soothes and hydrates skin that's been harassed by the sun. It sinks into skin almost immediately, and the light, fresh scent smells like a vacation to Santorini.

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For Post-Workout Burn
Fair warning: Mio Workout Wonder will make you smell like spearmint. But when the zing-y smell is combined with powerhouse ingredients like arnica, magnesium and horse chestnut, it's just the thing to invigorate you. It cools down sore muscles and eases inflammation so you don't waste time being sore. It's so cooling, I recommend staying away from your open refrigerator right after applying.

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For Younger-Looking Skin
TruAGE Skin AGE Therapy Gel contains fruit extracts help protect against free-radicals, carnosine to help make wrinkles disappear and oat kernel extract to calm, soothe and soften skin. A major plus: The scent is virtually undetectable, so you can spritz on perfume right after without worrying about any clashing fragrances.

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For Skin That Needs a Refresher
H2O Plus Oasis Body 24 Hydrator is like splashing cool, refreshing water on your skin -- minus the mess. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and phospholipids that intensely hydrate. The gel-cream consistency is oil-free and lightweight so you won't turn into a greasy, sticky mess.

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