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Channel Your Inner Cleopatra With These Milk Finds

Yes, real milk; yes, vegan options are included
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With the fall well in the air, many of us feel like cozying up inside more. 'Tis the season of hugs, after all, and we kind of want our body lotions, serums and creams to feel like they've given us a hug. In other words, to have our beauty routine feel more like a spa ritual at home than a strict regimen, especially after careful summer skincare.

Well, to add that luxurious touch, look no further than milk. Yes, milk as an ingredient. Cow milk, goat milk, donkey milk, even buffalo — they have all found their way into formulations that deliver multiple benefits. Using animal milk in care and beauty has been practiced all around the world for thousands of years, and with all the research into the many benefits of milk in beauty products, it's easy to see why: milk contains natural AHAs plus many proteins that have scientifically proven benefits on skin regeneration and cell renewal, and antimicrobial, antifungal and even antiviral activities. Milk proteins are also very effective for skin conditions like acne, eczema or burns, and even assist in improving hair growth!

Since milk care products also enhance the skin barrier, consider adding some of these into your routine to give your skin some TLC and making it strong and resilient for incoming colder days.

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If your skin is starting to feel a little tighter with the colder weather, try switching from light creams you used in the summer, to this gentle, soothing goat milk cream. It's great for sensitive skin, and it's formulated with moisture-boosting, redness-reducing ingredients.

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A probiotic-rich night care that harnesses the benefits of Greek yogurt to reduce redness and provide intense hydration, so you'll be waking up to softer skin!

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This eye cream is ophthalmologically and dermatologically proven to be safe to apply to the hyper-sensitive area around the eyes, so we love the fact that it is meant to be used on our upper eyelids, too! It will relieve any dryness while also reducing the appearance of dark circles.

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Fresh Milk Body Cleanser, $32
A blend of plant-based milks and hydrating actives will have you feeling soft, cleansed and moisturized all at once. The cleanser's also pH-balanced and enriched with niacinamide for its brightening and clarifying benefits.

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