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Metallic Highlights Are the Hottest Color Trend of the Summer, Here's How to Nail the Look

Here's how to pull off the hottest highlights of the summer based on your skin tone
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Balayage highlights have some major beauty staying power thanks to their timeless and elegant appearance, but if you're looking to break out of the conventional beauty mold this summer, you may want to give metallic highlights a try. Metallic highlights are a fun, iridescent spin on the traditional multidimensional color looks using tones of rose gold, silver and even steel gray.

The trick to mastering this look is to tailor your metallic highlights to your skin tone. This will make them appear seamless and natural, says stylist and colorist Yoshico-Alexis from Pierre Michel Salon. To find your perfect shade, she recommends placing jewelry (gold, bronze, copper or silver) near your face and arms to figure out which metal suits you best.

We spoke to some expert colorists on how to find your perfect summer-friendly metallic shade. Here are some tips they recommend keeping in mind before you book that coloring session.

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Light and Fair Skin Tones
If you're a brunette with fair skin, Nunzio Saviano colorist Tiffanie Richards says you'll want to make sure your highlights stay within the golden family this summer. Subtle hints of metallic gold throughout the hair can help bring out some wanted warm tones within your skin, giving your look a very natural feel.

She also says that blondes with lighter skin tones should opt for golden metallic hues, which will accentuate your color and help it sparkle in the summer sun. And while there are many tones of blonde, Richards says that lighter blondes should try champagne blonde metallic shades while darker blondes can feel free to explore the rose gold family.

If you're looking to try cooler tones this summer, Matrix Celebrity Colorist George Papanikolas recommends choosing silver and gray tones, which are ultimately flattering to this skin tone.

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Warm and Olive Skin Tones
Nicole Tresch, colorist at Rita Hazan, says that those with warmer undertones should go for warm hues including rose gold, copper and bronze tones. She says this helps avoid any ill-fitting color results and showcases all your golden undertones beautifully.

However, if you're looking to go a bit darker (and cooler) once the temperatures rise, Paul Labrecque of Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa says that olive tones should try gunmetal, a shade that definitely turns up the heat this summer. "Gunmetal, which is the color of cool steel, looks magical on those with olive skin and dark hair," he says. "To achieve this look, your hair might have to be pre-bleached to a pale yellow in pieces (or all over) to get it to accept the metal tone."

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Dark Skin Tones
Adrian Wallace, colorist at Rita Hazan, encourages darker skin tones to play around with metallic tones of red, purple and orange this summer. However, to keep your overall result looking natural, he recommends keeping a darker base to help add some beautiful contrast to your look.

Richards also suggests that darker tones can try out gorgeous gold and copper highlights, however, it's wise to keep them subtle through foil highlights or balayage.

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Neutral Tones
Unlike other skin tones, Papanikolas says that neutral skin tones tend to have the most luck in selecting the metallic shade of their choosing considering they have a universally flattering tone.

"People with a neutral skin tone can go either direction and have the most options with the metallic shades," he says.

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