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Fake a Face Lift With Makeup

Makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian shows how to look years younger instantly -- without going under the knife
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Search "#makeuptransformation" on Instagram, and you'll understand the full power of makeup. Just a little (OK, a lot of) well-placed bronzer and eyeliner can change a normal-looking girl into anyone from Captain Jack Sparrow to a real-life Disney princess.

Makeup can make you look years younger, too. With a little contouring know-how, you can fake thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. In her new book, "Beauty Rewind," makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian shows us how to shave off years (and save a bundle) with a flick of a makeup brush. Here, she shares some of her best age-defying secrets.

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Fake a Face Lift
A face lift in a plastic surgeon's office averages about $6,500 and comes with its share of risks. To get the illusion of tighter, plumper skin without going under anesthesia, Chang-Babaian says that contouring and highlighting is key. "Use darker shades of foundation or bronzer to lift falling cheeks, minimize a sagging jawline and add color to dull skin. Use highlighter to bring forward sunken under-eyes, highlight the bridge of the nose and lift brows," Chang-Babaian explains in her book. Here's how to do it:

- For your contouring color, choose a shade that is two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Pale skin should stick to one or two shades darker and avoid products with shimmer. Your highlighting color should be two or three shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

- To hide a thinning hairline, you need to minimize the forehead, which tends to look larger as the hairline recedes, says Chang-Babaian. Use the contour shade along the temples and hairline.

- To lift falling cheeks, apply the contour shade from under the cheekbone toward the nose and blend up.

- To thin a widening nose (something that happens as we age), apply your contouring shade along the sides of the nose from the inside of brows down to the tip of the nose and blend down the sides. Chang-Babaian recommends applying a thin, straight line of highlighter along the bridge of the nose -- the wider the line of highlighter, the wider the nose will appear.

- To hide a sagging neckline, create the illusion of shadow. "Apply a darker contour shade under the jawline and blend down into the neck area," says Chang-Babaian in her book. Keeping the neck moisturized will make the makeup blend more easily.

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Fake Fuller Lips
As we age, the lips lose fullness and elasticity. Fine lines settle in, making it hard to apply lipstick without emphasizing them. Luckily, Chang-Babaian says that creating the illusion of full lips is easy -- and you don't need to get anywhere near a needle to do it. Here's how to plump them with makeup.

- Choose a neutral lip liner slightly darker than your natural lip color.

- "Create fullness ... by drawing a V shape, duplicating the Cupid's bow (often shrunken on mature lips) on the upper lip line. Then draw a dash under the center of the bottom lip. Connect the corners, drawing the line slightly above the natural lip to minimize a larger lower lip to create better balance."

- "Create width by drawing slightly outside the corners of the mouth to give the illusion of a wider mouth."

-Fill in the lips with lip liner and apply color.

- "Apply gloss to the center of the bottom and top lips to give the illusion of full, hydrated lips."

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Fake an Instant Eyelift
Eyeliner gets trickier as we age. "Simply following the line of your top lids can actually exaggerate the 'fall' if you don't angle the end of the line upward," says Chang-Babaian. Here's how to lift your eyes with eyeliner:

- Line the top lashline. If your eyes are close-set, begin the eyeliner at the iris.

- Create an angled line at a 45-degree angle as you reach the end of the lashline to lift the eyes up.

- Connect the tip of the angle to your lash line, and fill in the space between.

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Fake Full Brows
The tail end of brows are one of the first things to go as you age, says Chang-Babaian. Here's how to keep yours looking full and youthful:

- Hold a pencil on the side of your nose and inner corner of the eye. If your brow does not touch the pencil, fill in lightly with a brow pencil or pomade in a slightly darker color than your natural brows. Use short, hair-like strokes.

- The arch should start above the outside of the pupil. Aging brows often begin falling here. Fill in above the arch to create the illusion of a lifted brow.

- Hold a pencil at an angle from the inside of the nose to the outside corners of the eyes. The tails of the eyebrows should end here, but aging makes them thin and shorter. Extend the ends with light, gentle strokes with an eyebrow pencil.

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