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17 Ethereal Makeup Looks That Will Do Your Inner Unicorn Proud

Prepare to frolic down a runway of clouds, leaving a trail of glitter in your wake
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They may be mythical, but these days, unicorns are one of the biggest beauty inspirations around. It's all about iridescence right now, and the whole soft-focus, ethereal look is pretty much at an all-time high — plus, with all the exciting new types of highlighters and rainbow eye shadow palettes out there, conjuring that flawless unicorn makeup look has never been easier — or more acceptable as an adult human.

There are a lot of ways to interpret that elusive unicorn style — whether that means going for delicately pretty pastel blushes, painting on Lisa Frank-style rainbow eye shadow or liberally dousing your cheekbones with holographic highlighters. The unicorn beauty look has no limits — even glittery eyebrows are on the table, No matter what your take on the look is, we've got you covered: These are the 17 iridescent, glowing, over-the-rainbow makeup looks that will make you look like the mythical creature you really are.

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Iridescent Shadow With Pastel Liner
It's no secret that winged liner goes very well with iridescent shadow. Instagram user Molly Bee mixed sparkly shadows and pigments to get the holographic look, including Makeup Geek Sparklers in Milky Way, $10, Illamasqua Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in Static, $26, and Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi, $14. For the liner, she blended Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blow Pony and Drug Lord, $18, to absolutely fabulous effect.

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Rainbow Pastel Eyes and Cheeks
Turns out, pale shades of blue, lavender, green and pink create quite the iridescent soap bubble effect when combined. Once you've got a good percentage of ROY G BIV represented in pastel form, just add some major false lashes. You, precious unicorn, are ready to take the world by storm.

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Holographic Shadow With Winged Liner
Just because your opalescent eye shadow is ethereally beautiful doesn't mean your eyeliner wings can't be fiercely sharp. This look strikes the perfect balance between dreamy moonchild and powerful ice queen. And, it actually isn't too hard to replicate (other than that flawless wing, of course). With a generous dusting of (Makeup Geek Duochrome Pigment in Insomnia, $12, on your upper lid, you basically can't go wrong. Not that a unicorn could ever be anything but right, naturally.

Image via @ellarie

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Rainbow Inner Corners
How’s this for an inventive unicorn look? With a bright rainbow design highlighting your inner corners, you'll look like you have a prism shining right on your face, a fun and pretty type of optical illusion. A rainbow palette like Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Bold, $29, is key for pulling off an arresting look like this one.

Image via @lenakyle

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