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14 Luxury Skin Care Products You Can Snag for Under $30

Because your skin deserves to look its best without your wallet feeling its worst.
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When you think of luxury skin care products, you also probably imagine a pretty hefty price tag. Same. But who says top-of-the-line skin care has to cost top dollar? While many of the industry's best luxury products have skyrocketing price tags to match, if you look hard enough, you might just find a deal you won't be able to pass up. But that leads us to the next issue: Who has the time to scour each and every product offering from all the very best luxury brands? Well, as a beauty aficionado whose job it is to find the best products and deals in beauty and skin care, I do.

Here, I present you with 14 luxury skin care products you can snag for under $30. So buy one, two, or all 14 of these skin care finds and get stoked for a luxury beauty routine that won't cost any more than your traditional cleanse-tone-moisturize.

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If there's one thing that puts a damper on my beauty parade more than just about anything else, it's an extra-dry, ultra-flaky pout. You know the one. You layer on lip balm as if it's your religion only to move on to lipstick and wonder why on earth it's caking up so miserably. Truth is, the issue could be in the balm you're using. Since our lips are such a widely known symbol of love, it only makes sense to give your lips a little luxury. Hence, the inclusion of this organic goodness. Designed to condition your lips while buffing away dead skin that could be getting in the way of a perfectly pretty pout, you're sure to fall madly in love.

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If you follow any magazine beauty editors, you've likely seen them spritz their faces on their Instagram stories once or twice. As superfluous as it may seem, a mid-day facial spritz can be just the thing to quench your skin's thirst and lock in a beautiful complexion that'll last all the way from your desk to after-work drinks. Now that I've sold you, here's the facial spray you'll want to stow away in your tote ASAP. Not only is this 100% Rose de Mai facial spray the ultimate skin care luxury, but it makes for a pretty good selfie prop, too.

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If you love a good #shelfie as much as you do a quality skin care formula, you'll want to scoop this exclusive Sunday Riley kit from Sephora. Complete with two cult favorites from the brand – the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment and Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser – you'll be able to treat your skin to the luxury of a radiant, plump, healthy-looking complexion clear of dark spots and visible signs of aging.

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Drunk on love, drunk on youth, TBH, drunk on Drunk Elephant. If you're late to the color-coated craze, this cleansing and moisturizing duo will serve as the perfect introductory sequence to your soon-to-be favorite minimalist, clean skin care brand.

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