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8 Luxury Bathrobes Guaranteed to Make You Feel Like a Bougie Babe

Proof you don't need a 5-star hotel to feel to treat yourself
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There are a few key moments in every person's life that'll make you feel like one of the luckiest people on earth. You know: biting into a warm and gooey brownie, snuggling up with a fur friend, hitting a major career or personal milestone, checking into a nice hotel for the weekend... At any rate, we'd argue that slipping into a luxurious bathrobe — you know, the kind that envelopes you and practically demands a mirror selfie right then and there — should take the top spot on the list.

Seriously, think about it: Is there anything better? Bathrobes are kind of like rose-tinted glasses for the soul. Which is why we're going bathrobe shopping, stat: Whether you're in the market for a new bathrobe or searching for the perfect gift, you cannot go wrong with one of these luxe bathrobes.

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Cariloha Ultra Plush Bamboo Bathrobe, $120

You'll feel like you've wrapped yourself in fluffy whipped cream wearing this ultra-plush robe by Cariloha. It's made with eco-friendly viscose from bamboo, which means that in addition to being super soft, it's also highly absorbent, moisture-wicking, and resistant to odors and allergens. The design features two deep pockets (seriously, you could keep a novel inside if you wanted), a high neck, and a tie at the waist.

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Betsey Johnson Rayon Knit Robe in Black-White, $44.98

If you're more of a less-fabric-is-more gal when it comes to robes, this striped number from Betsey Johnson is a great pick. It's made from a super soft lightweight rayon, though it still has a nice heft that makes it easy to move around in comfortably.

In addition to the bold pattern, it features a ruffled bottom and ruffled sleeves with lace hemlines, as well as a lace heart cutout on the back. There's a tie in the front, and a secondary inner tie that prevents it from falling open at inopportune times.

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MeMoi Velvet Burnout Kimono Robe, $68

MeMoi offers another lightweight robe option, also with some extra design flair. Their Wrap Kimono features a combination of textured black velvet and sheer florals, which is pulled together (quite literally) with a purple satin belt and decorative trim. It's undeniably chic — in fact, it's almost too good to only wear at home. On that note, you can totally get away with wearing it out of the house, too. Pair it with a white camisole or tank and your favorite jeans and you're good to go.

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Snowe Classic Bathrobe, $98

Just looking at this robe by Snowe might make you feel more relaxed; now imagine actually wearing it! It boasts innovative technology for an ultra-soft, ultra-plus woven terry cotton. This also makes it exceptionally lightweight, which means you're not going to battle the post-shower sweats just by cozying up in this bad boy. It comes in charcoal grey (pictured), slate blue, and essential white, and is a unisex design.

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