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15 Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Can Wear All October

Just the right amount of bootiful
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It's officially the time witches and ghoulish girls wait all year for: Halloween. It's tempting to want to get your scare on right this minute... however, unless you're working at a haunted pumpkin patch, strong Halloween makeup and nails can look out of place — especially in conservative, less spooktacular work environments.

When it comes to nail art, you don't have to strictly stick to fall and pumpkin spice-themed manicures, if you don't want to. There are ways to add the right amount of spook into nail art right now. (We know that it's difficult to wait for Halloween night.)

These Halloween manicures allow you to get your Morticia Addams on... but keep the severed fingers, blood spurts and spine-tingling monsters in check (because there's a time and place for those — October 31 and Halloween parties!). These Halloween nail art looks are the treats you can wear between now and October 31 — and sometimes even beyond, no bones about it.

Image via @buffcsjen

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Purple and Black Stripes and Jack-o-Lantern Nails
Dying to do a jack-o-lantern manicure? Traditional orange and black can be tricky too early in the season. This purple and black manicure is spine-chillingly original. Less contrast in the nail polishes means it's more wearable now.

Image via @makeuprevolution

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Darkly Monochromatic Nails
Black on black is deeply chic, especially when mixing matte and shiny nail polishes. The understated monochromatic color scheme makes the spiderweb detail work, even when you're not getting your spook on.

Image via @thepolishedqueen

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Black and Orange Striped Nails
This graphic nail art has classic Halloween colors but without blood, guts and gore. Use a stamping kit for precise lines. Freehanding it could lend a cool off-kilter finish, so don't worry if the lines aren't perfectly straight.

Image via @addicted2stamping

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Ouija Nails
Honestly, we'd rock ouija nail art year round, but it's particularly apropos for October.

Image via @buffcsjen

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