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Non-Cheesy Love-Manifesting Nail Designs Perfect For Valentine's Day

For every length and shape
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The V-Day is upon us, and if you're lacking inspiration (which would motivate to you to book your appointment while there's still time), welcome to this love-evoking carousel of delightful pinks, bold textures and sparkling femininity — and hearts, of course.

We found ourselves steered more towards designs which would continue to look cool and not out of place post-Valentine's, too; in other words: mostly 3 tones, and mostly negative-space play, but all romance-themed and really into showing your softer side.

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Pink French Mani
The pink tip French manicure would be totally on trend as a nail design anyway, but an added touch of sparkles gently moves it into a more girly direction.

Image via @lacquered.bykwynn

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Bold And Unapologetic
And speaking of nail trends, if you're into boldness via textures and color selection, here is a loud, red-jeweled, more-is-more style, interesting to pair with gothic outfit esthetic, for example.

Image via @queenglitternails

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Long And Understated
If pinks and reds are not something you're currently feeling, this neutral-hues, two-toned mani still is love-evoking, but more under the radar.

Image via @patriciamenegoto

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Negative Space Hearts
We like this one a lot, because the heart design is not something that pops out at you immediately, but rather melts into the optimistic mix of colors. Totally wearable mani style for as long as the nails hold!

Image via @sarahashleyartistry

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