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14 Lip Stains that Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Fussed with Lipstick

You may like your matte liquid lipsticks, but you'll love these lip stains.
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Liquid lipstick is great and all, but sometimes we crave something more -- something long-lasting, yet not overpowering; eye-catching, yet natural-looking (despite being just about any color of the rainbow). In short, we crave lip stains.

Known for their ability to glide on smoothly to (bet you'd never guess) stain lips, lip stains have become increasingly popular in a world that's in love with liquid matte lipsticks, but hasn't quite mastered the skill or patience to create the look on the daily.

Think about it: You layer on your liquid lipstick, and much like creating perfectly symmetrical eyeliner wing tips, you find yourself going back and forth in an attempt to perfect the ever-popular over-lined Instagram lip. Yeah, it's tough. And it's time-consuming. And sometimes we just don't have the patience.

That's where lip stains come in. With their staining power, you'll be able to add a pop of color to your look without having to manage such a heavy lip product in the process. Instead you'll feel like your lips are naked and you won't even have to worry about color transfer on that little area of skin beneath your lip if you were to, say, bite into a burger for lunch. In other words, lip stains are a gift from the beauty goddesses.

To help you get in on the stained look, we've rounded up 14 of our favorite lip stains. So, you know the drill: Scroll along and pucker up!

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Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, $30
Just consider this to be the lip stain to end all lip stains. The extremely weightless feel stays true to its promise of long-lasting wear. Food-proof, beverage-proof, even kiss-proof -- yup, it's that good.

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We'll admit that we find it a tad confusing how brands are touting themselves as lip stains when they more closely resemble the formula of a liquid lipstick, but we're not one to complain when the formula is this long-lasting.

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Benefit Gogo Tint, $30
As the OG in lip stains, you know you can't go wrong with Benefit. What's more, with multiple colors to choose from not to mention the ability to apply it to your cheeks, too, the options are truly endless.

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Yet another lip stain that treads on the edge of traditional liquid lipstick, this ultra-creamy stain glides on smoothly, albeit thickly, which requires a bit more precision than your typical ultra-thin formula, but the kissable results are well worth it.

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