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13 Non-liquid Lip and Cheek Multitaskers Perfect for Swift Touch-ups

That's some solid stuff right there
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Blessed be multipurpose makeup products! Not only do lip+cheek sticks and balms provide an even-hued, balanced look, but they also make us, if not gorg, then at least presentable — in a matter of minutes. They also make touching-up not an issue, since we can just dip and dab from a single product.

Meet lipstick-blush-shadow hybrids in stick and balm form and for every budget: they're here to remove clutter from our makeup bags, to save us time on those mornings (or nights) when we're feeling kind of lazy or are in a rush, all the while providing skincare benefits — and we shouldn't be settling for anything less nowadays.

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Iris&Romeo Ceramide Multi-Balm in Rosy Glow, $29
This is both skincare and color for cheeks, lips, and face. It delivers a hydrated, healthy glow of color with serum-grade ceramides to strengthen moisture barrier function and add next-level hydration in versatile and buildable colors flattering for all skin tones.

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Jouer Blush & Bloom Cheek + Lip Duo Set, $25.90
This limited edition set features three sticks of a super-hydrating cream formula providing natural glow to cheeks and lips. It melts into the skin, flushing it not only with color, but also with jojoba seed, rosehip, and squalane oils, along with shea butter and vitamin E.

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Lottie London Cheeky Kiss Lip & Cheek Stick in Just My Type, $6.98
This multitasker is perfect for adding a pop of color to cheeks and lips with a creamy, moisturizing formula that builds out to a cream finish on the cheeks and a fuller-looking, hydrated lip. It's formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to help condition and hydrate throughout the wear.

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Ami Cole Desert Date Cream Multistick in Spice, $22
Made to achieve a deep, flattering flush of color, warmth, and add dimension to melanin-rich skin, these natural multisticks are formulated with nourishing desert date oil, baobab seed oil and hibiscus flower extract and blend seamlessly into cheeks and lips.

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