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The Latest Pop Culture-Inspired Beauty Collections for Your Inner Fan Girl

You're going to want it all
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Capsule collections are everywhere -- heck, sometimes it feels like beauty guru collabs crop up on the daily. Not that that's a bad thing: After all, they represent a great way for your favorite beauty brands to mix things up -- while also providing you with cool limited edition products to covet. Seriously, if you're a pop culture junkie, chances are you find them tough to resist. We all have our favorites -- whether that means "Star Wars," "Mean Girls," or even Mickey Mouse is completely up to you.

So, ready to see the latest pop culture-inspired beauty collections? Keep reading -- you might be surprised by how many brands are participating in the fan girling, from Besame to Kiehl's.

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Glamour Dolls Makeup x Lisa Frank
Why You Should Fangirl: If you're a child of the '90s (and indeed, even if you aren't), all things Lisa Frank probably pull on your nostalgia heartstrings. And if you're ride or die for Lisa Frank, Glamour Dolls Makeup has got you covered: They came out with brushes earlier this year, as well as a matte bronzer and an eye shadow single. Needless to say, the packaging is the stuff of dreams.

How to Get It: Launched November 10 on

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Besame Cosmetics x 'Snow White'
Why You Should Fangirl: Besame is known for their Old Hollywood-inspired beauty products, so their collection inspired by 1937 film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" is truly on point. The collaboration celebrates the movie's 80th birthday, and features some truly gorgeous products, including their popular Translucent Pearl Powder in a limited edition gold and enamel compact, a vintage-inspired cosmetic travel bag and (very fittingly) a gold-plated Baroque hand-mirror inscribed with the words "You are the fairest of them all."

How to Get It: Launched November 8 on

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Kiehl's x Disney
Why You Should Fangirl: It doesn't get much more universally loved than Mickey Mouse -- or Kiehl's, for that matter. The line will include some of Kiehl's best-sellers with adorable Disney-fied packaging, including the iconic Hand Cream and Whipped Body Butter. Oh, and the cherry on top? They'll be donating all of the net profits (up to $100,000) to Feeding America.

How to Get It: Launched November 2 on

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Storybook Cosmetics x 'Mean Girls'
Why You Should Fangirl: An eye shadow palette styled to look like the iconic "Mean Girls" Burn Book, filled to the brim with highly-pigmented electropop shades? Sign us up. Add in the fact that the shadows have hilarious names like "Glen Coco," "Grool" and "So Fetch" (as well as the fact that the mirror has the words "You're like, really pretty!" scrawled under it), and you've got yourself a real keeper.

How to Get It: Launched November 1 on

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